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mma army mass post ban   [View Full Version]
mmaplayground » Posted 10/17/08 11:05:00AM

It has been brought to my attention that elements in that camp were deliberately coordinating the harassment of people who run the site, other camps, other members on the forums, and sometimes via e-mail. So we went into your fight camp, and found such evidence. All the insults you hurl at those who run the site are bad enough . We generally don't worry about whats said in there becuase we only penetrate them at need. Still, seeing it all doesn't help your case, as mods are people too . I realize Cornish was the instigator in most of this, and Hippysmacker being merciful and allowing him to be part of the site , instead of outright banning him has backfired here. Still you all knew, and some even participated. I thought of outright banning the whole camp, but after to talking to my moderators, they are willing to give you one last chance. It seems one you will enjoy, since so many of you have said that you don't want to post on the open forums anymore in your own fight camps message board . So none of you can anymore. You will all remain in this fight camp for good, and leaving will see you banned permanently. Any clones, trying to generate more upheaval, or anything else that will irritate me ,will be the end of you all here.There is no one else to appeal to. I am the last line, so just deal. That being said, you can still play the game ,and remain part of your forum community. That seems more than fair to me. For those who didn't post anyway, it should be no different. For those who weren't a part of this sabotage , I feel some sympathy, but you could have let us know earlier. Maybe it wouldn't have come to this. The ones who did come to us with the info, had the conscience and integrity to bring it to our attention. They shall remain nameless, but rest assured we do appreciate your caring for the site. The forums here are meant to be a community with respectful discourse and discussion. Not a place to attack, instigate, and crow for attention. Like the song said " you can't always get what you want" . Now you will get what I have decided to give you. Please don't make our attempt at allowing you a chance to remain a part of the site out to be another problem.Cornishmma is gone for good. It would be wise not to follow his marching orders anymore. I thought the membership of the site as a whole would like to know this, so as to avoid questions, or misrepresentations.

hippysmacker » Posted 1/15/07 9:10:00PM

OK, the boss had relented,. They are all still permanently post banned but allowed to leave their camp and join or form another if they wish.


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