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Eddie Sanchez Vs Justin McCully   [View Full Version]
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bls1919 » Posted 6/25/07 1:09:00AM

Posted by StevenSeagal

Speaking of cutting people from the roster.... They should have a special match for these two, the winner gets cut and so does the loser.

A little harsh but i agree. Unless McCully can pull out an impresive submission early.

higdon10 » Posted 7/6/07 2:00:00PM

I like watching Sanchez fight. I can't say the same for McCully. I think Sanchez gets a late TKO

GraMMA » Posted 1/13/08 11:46:00AM

Eddie will ko McCully and unless Justin has another fight on his contract I bet he's gone.If Eddie should lose he may be gone too.Eddie hits really hard and has had some great fights.His fight with Hardonk is one of the best hw striking battles I've ever seen.I hope Eddie wins in dramatic fashion and can stick around.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Who needs Fabricio Werdum when we have McCully vs. Sanchez?

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

iwannabesedated » Posted 1/21/07 9:47:00PM

Mcully By LNP which equals UD.

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