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TheArtOfWar » Posted 1/13/07 11:52:00AM

What do you think of shinya aoki ?
This was his 2nd fight i could see in shockwave event but he really impress me this time . Hansen is a very good fighter and he could not do anything in this fight, aoki s ground game was simply amazing.

evilslutt » Posted 1/12/07 5:26:00PM

I was browsing Sherdog for his background and I can see that his ground and standup are both impressive. Two of his wins were quite unique. One from a standing armlock and another with a gogoplata. Seems like another one to look out for.

I can't seem to get my finger on it. He reminds me of someone but I can't remember the name or maybe he just looks like someone.

HANKtheTANK » Posted 1/14/07 9:43:00PM

Aoki was my darkhorse that won me the Pride betting Pool at work!
Everyone thought Hansen would win. But i knew Hansen probably prepares the same way all the time with good confidence in most aspects of his game

However, i had a gut feeling Aoki would pull off something crazy. He seems more methodical in his approach.

He's a young kid too, he'll no doubt be a household (MMA) name soon enough

DoTheMMAth » Posted 12/26/06 1:28:00PM

The guy is only 23, the thought that he has all the time in the world to improve is actually quite scary. He's a workhorse too, 9 fights in the last 2 years. Deffinitely someone to keep an eye on.


nate22 » Posted 1/15/07 8:21:00AM

Posted by TheArtOfWar

What do you think of shinya aoki ?
This was his 2nd fight i could see in shockwave event but he really impress me this time . Hansen is a very good fighter and he could not do anything in this fight, aoki s ground game was simply amazing.

Aoki is certainly one to watch, he still holds Shooto's middleweight title after beating Kikuchi ( A genuine top ten contender) and he went on to beat Jason Black in his first Pride fight, Jason's record also being very impressive and he too is considered a top ten contender by many.

A good win against Hansen and what a great way to showcase his skills to the fans, it will be interesting to see how he fares in the LW tourny later this year.

Savy » Posted 1/15/07 4:58:00PM

This guy is great; so slick and alot of fun to watch. The kid has definately got some serious tools on the ground. He'll be taller and longer than most of his opponents which tends to come in handy. I think a power fighter who looks to bang may give him a problem. But he did neutralize a fiery Hansen damn well. I agree, at such a young age, the guy with the rainbow tights is somebody to keep an eye on at that weight.

thepitbull00 » Posted 1/15/07 8:38:00PM

He seemed very calm for someone that young on a stage as big as Shockwave but he did nothing but impress me. If he can fight the fight his way I think he would give a lot of top guys a run for their money.

Lifer » Posted 1/15/07 3:05:00PM

Check out his highlights on youtube. He's a grappling prodigy. His fight with Gomi will be interesting whenever that happens.

Here's links to his Highlights on youtube:

aoki highlights

hippysmacker » Posted 1/15/07 9:10:00PM

I think he's a future champ. He just needs to get a little physically stronger and improve his striking power, He's technically sound, but I don't see him knocking a lot of people out if it doesn't go to the ground.

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swazymaq » Posted 1/30/07 11:59:00AM

The best jujitsu fighter in MMA hands down,

Jeffanori-Gomi » Posted 1/24/07 3:29:00PM

His hip strength and flexibility is unreal, Youtube his hl reel its so sick

Good fight would be BJ vs Aoki

thelastking » Posted 1/25/07 7:55:00PM

Aoki will be champ in a few years his ground game is amazing

pv3Hpv3p » Posted 1/24/07 6:08:00PM

Aoki / Gomi will be a fantastic fight, excellent style matchup... Do you think we'll get to see that one in the LWGP... That'd be a dream final for me.

Goddamn, he's only 23... All LW's beware the wrathh of Shinya Aoki

Anyone got a link to his Clay French fight? I'm dying to see the "flying triangle choke" sounds f**kin awesome.

fedorwins1 » Posted 1/25/07 7:02:00PM

I beleive that Aoki will be champ in a few yrs. and unquestionably #1 in the world.

nate22 » Posted 1/15/07 8:21:00AM

It's hard to see how he will reign for a long period with guys like Melendez coming up at the same time. The LW GP is a really exciting prospect for this year, cannot wait.

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