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Gegard Mousasi: I'm Fighting Vitor Belfort, Fedor to Fight Josh Barnett Both at Affliction's January Show   [View Full Version]
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MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM

Fighter's Only mag breaks the story:

DREAM middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi expects to face Vitor Belfort on Affliction’s next MMA show in January.

Speaking to Fighters Only this week, he revealed that the US organisation wants him to fight the Brazilian, while Red Devil team mate Fedor Emelianenko may face Josh Barnett.

“I’m going to train with Fedor in preparation for Affliction in January,” he said. “I think it is Fedor against Josh Barnett and they want me to fight Vitor Belfort.”

Mousasi is part of the Red Devil International team and he shares a manager with Fedor in the shape of Vadim Finkelstein.

Notice Mousasi said "think" in regards to Fedor vs. Barnett, but it's worth acknowleding in this space. The more important story, though, is that if true Affliction scrapped their Arlovski vs. Barnett fight in favor of bringing Fedor into the fold. Without getting confirmation from Affliction regarding these developments we should take the news with a grain of salt. But if true, this portends a great deal for Arlovski and his future with Affliction as well as Golden Boy's first co-promoted show. Add to that having Mousasi introduced to American fans and we have exciting (though not terribly marketable) developments.


xtra_chewy » Posted 5/17/07 3:16:00AM

Hopefully that all pans out. Mousasi/Belfort will be an interesting match-up. I'd say Mousasi right now because he is on a roll.

Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

Mousasi should make easy work of Vitor. No knock on Vitor but he's past his prime and Gegard is one of the most well rounded rising stars out there. I don't even know if you can consider hima rising star anymore now that he won the grand prix.

I hope Affliction doesn't sign him to a long term contract because this guy should be in the UFC.

wiggum » Posted 6/25/07 5:24:00PM

gegard is on a roll and looking good, but so is belfort....course belfort usually shows the belfort of old for two fights and then goes back to mental belfort, not fighter bashing, but it just seems the case

KYGUY07 » Posted 4/9/07 12:49:00PM

Mousasi is a monster and even though belfort is one of the all time greats i dont think he has what he used to have anymore, I think we'll see another beautiful k.o. by Gegard if this fight happens.

loller90278 » Posted 1/16/07 3:05:00PM

props to tom atencio man, he's making killer match ups. vitor - gegard are both very well rounded and i honestly can't call who wins

Naturaldisaster » Posted 4/8/07 4:17:00PM

id like them to make up their mind about what the main event for affliction is gonna be. im sick of hearin fight changes every few days

Mchubb316 » Posted 2/14/07 2:00:00PM

This is nice matchmaking. It should be a measuring stick for Belfort, to see if he is back to his former self. Mousasi is no joke, and I would think he would be the favorite in this fight.

postman » Posted 6/23/07 7:57:00PM

I really like vitor at 185 but Mousasi is real tuff should be a good fight. Fedor Barrnett can't wait but what happened to AA he just gets screwd?

StorminYourman » Posted 1/24/07 5:45:00PM

If this all fans out .The true MMA fan has to give it up to Affliction. They give us the fights we want to see !
War affliction

Branwest » Posted 7/14/07 1:42:00PM

Who will AA fight, or does he fight? And if he fights and wins, does he get Fedor, oops, I mean the winner of Barnett/Fedor? Are you sure he doesn't mean Aleks fighting Josh? Can Aleks fight?

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

i would go see the show in anaheim but the whole hybrid mma/boxing event thing turns me off

CantAndleDaRiddum » Posted 12/14/07 5:25:00PM

if this is true.......
i am still mad about AA not getting the fedor fight, but i cant say i blame them giving barnett his shot, as he has deserved it for a while IMO

no matter what, i think fedor fights AA after this

hodge » Posted 7/21/07 10:44:00AM

Vitor for UFC middleweight champion 2009

sparky » Posted 7/5/07 6:21:00PM

I think this is a solid match up but I think vitor will take this one. I believe Belfort will be a force in the middleweight division for sometime.

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