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Baltimore_Brawler » Posted 3/3/07 2:24:00PM

Tim Sylvia on blind date... funny old video

Blind Date

Dadaman » Posted 1/30/07 12:33:00AM

Thanks for the link! I saw this a while back ago and ive since forgotten.

what part of baltimore you live in? Canton native myself.

poll77 » Posted 3/1/07 8:10:00AM

haha that is hilarious

Baltimore_Brawler » Posted 3/3/07 2:24:00PM

im from western baltimore
then moved over by morgan
now im in columbia...boring as hell in columbia tho
nothin ever happens

cowcatcher » Posted 1/16/07 1:02:00AM

wow, i almost feel bad for tim after losing to randy this gets posted, been a rough couple of days for him on here


ninesevensix » Posted 1/24/07 5:44:00PM

That's pretty funny I've never seen it. Layyddaaa Tim

JoeMimic » Posted 1/16/07 6:19:00PM

Hey babe wanna get ahhhm baehd (Boston Accent)

jaba » Posted 2/24/07 5:30:00PM

hahahahhaha no one will ever love the mountain troll

mmadb » Posted 1/17/07 11:21:00AM

"You know, I happen to like whipped cream in my drinks. Who the hell is going to say anything different to me."

I just shat myself!

Trapt1nw0nder » Posted 2/1/07 12:30:00AM

HAHA...that was classic!

Tim is a PIMP!!..he dont need her!


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