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Dana White on Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock   [View Full Version]
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ufc88 » Posted 7/15/07 2:11:00AM

"Another ******* joke from Gary Shaw. This ****** is so clueless that it's laughable. First he thought we protected our guys, which is bullshit. Then he gave us shit for matching up Brock against Frank Mir. Which would he rather us do? Obviously he's in favor of protecting guys since Kimbo doesn't seem to be fighting a good fighter anytime soon. Bo Cantrell? Who the **** is Bo Cantrell? Tank Abbott? He was never that good, he just looked tough and always got his ass kicked. Now Ken Shamrock? When is Kimbo going to fight a guy who was relevant past 1998? Tito Ortiz, who sucks, destroyed Ken Shamrock three times. It's clear that Gary is going to milk his YouTube cash cow for all he's worth but true fans know that Kimbo is a joke and he would get destroyed against any UFC Heavyweight. Maybe that moron Ken Shamrock will expose Kimbo and he'll go back to fighting guys at the local Burger King. Gary Shaw and his 3rd rate promotion have no ******* credibility."

CantAndleDaRiddum » Posted 12/14/07 5:25:00PM

Dana.....honestly couldnt have said it better myself

Jimbo » Posted 4/18/07 11:22:00PM

yeh i agree with some of the stuff he said but not with the tito sucks comment, sure tito's career might be winding down but i still woudnt say he sucks.

ThaAxeMurderer7 » Posted 1/16/08 9:55:00PM

I also agree with Dana but the part that I don't get is with Tank Abbott. I thought I read some interview months ago where Dana was talking about how much he respected Tank and that he wanted him in the UFC hall of fame. Am I just making this up or did he really say that?

TheCelica » Posted 6/23/07 2:22:00PM

I agree with Dana here, but he should watch what he says about his UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock, and the guy he said he would soon add to the Hall of Fame, Tank Abbott. Don't get me wrong, I loved both back in the early UFC years, but that was the past and Dana shouldn't hate on his HOFers.

Hate all you want on Tito though. lol

Ordep » Posted 7/8/07 9:23:00PM

even that he’s right on the kimbo situation i don’t think is fair calling ‘moron‘ your former TUF coach and HoFmer of your own organization.

Khaos » Posted 6/27/07 8:20:00PM

I agree with Dana, he had a falling with Tito and Ken, which makes me understand the trashtalk, I don't really get why he's bad mouthing Tank, but if it helps the UFC in any, then the more to you Dana.

telnights » Posted 6/21/07 4:17:00PM

Thats why I like Dana he maybe little rough around the edges but he always says whats on his mind. How many CEOs you know that do that. You have to respect him for not shying away from what he thinks. You don't have to agree but at least he says what he thinks. Now some of the stuff he says I think is total BS and even he knows it is but he still has the balls to say it which I also like about him. He knows how to market his company very well and his brash statements markets great to the age group he is focused on. I really don't think there is anyone better suited out there to run a MMA org.

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TuFanboi » Posted 5/23/07 10:45:00AM

He is right, but Tito could still beat down some the LHW in the UFC. I mean Lyoto is just made of different stuff. So basically Dana is wrong about Tito but so very right about Elite XC.

Mr_Dead_Sexy » Posted 3/2/07 9:14:00PM

He may be a littlle nutty with what he says, but Dana White always brings the lols. I'm waiting to hear him talk about Gina. For some reason, I'd expect a Gabe Ruediger analogy.

nickcuc547 » Posted 1/27/07 12:52:00PM

he couldn't have been more correct, the way elitexc is protecting their guy is shameless, the cat was out of the bag after the thompson fight.

jgtribbett » Posted 3/15/07 6:33:00PM

i daid that two days ago.. because it is a joke

Chuteboxer » Posted 3/24/07 2:47:00PM

Man, I ******* love Dana White...

Put your fighters to the test and put them against the best, that's what I always say. Brock Lesnar didn't WANT an easy first fight when he came in to the UFC. I wish Kimbo would be the same way.

edit: Since when has langauge been getting censored on these forums? odd.

Jackelope » Posted 1/30/07 10:59:00AM

All of what he's saying is true. The only thing I would change is the bashing on Ken and Tank. Granted, both of them suck now, but at least give the respect they were due 10 years ago.

Tank wasn't technical by any means, but he was a tough guy who helped make the sport popular in it's early years.

Ken was feared 10 years ago. He made a lot of noise in the Japanese MMA world and in the U.S. He was never a Frank Shamrock and by no means is he the same fighter he was, but back in the day when he was "Slapping heel hooks on nobodies" he was feared. Again, he helped make the UFC and MMA popular. The man at least deserves respect in that regard.

One of the things I wonder about constantly with Dana is when the day will come that one of these fighters catches him slipping on the street and they beat the living **** out of him. I will probably just "LOL" when it happens because you reap what you sow.

(I'm not a Dana hater, I just think this applies to all things in life. You can bash people all you want... but you better be ready to back your words up when the time comes. And let's face it.. not all of these guys he smack talks are mentally stable)

finnish_line » Posted 8/16/07 8:54:00AM

Dana should ease up on the "Tito Sucks" comments. He holds a win over the UFC champ, after all.

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