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Kevin Randleman talks top p4p fighters and his take on Shogun vs Coleman 2   [View Full Version]
Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

The ‘Monster’ Kevin Randleman recently took some time to talk with PDG about his recovery, Mark Coleman, the best pound for Pound fighters in the world and when his next fight for Sengoku – World Victory Road will take place.

PDG: How is the shoulder and the rehab coming along?
Kevin: The shoulder is doing really good and I'm starting to add weight, I am walking around at about 220 lbs now. I have a couple more weeks of rehab and therapy and then I should be back in the gym full time getting ready for my next fight. Some people have asked me if I wanted to drop down to 185 lbs but Anderson Silva is no chump and the guys that I have wanted to fight for the last five years are at 205 lbs.

PDG: What kind of training are you doing right now?
Kevin: I am taking it slow and working a lot on my strength and conditioning. It just takes time and you can't rush these things but I will be ready for my fight in November. I am training about four to five hours a day and I am also doing some teaching seminars for kids and youth groups.

PDG: So barring any setbacks, you will be fighting on the Sengoku – WVR VI card?
Kevin: Yes, that sounds right and I should find out who my opponent is going to be about a month before the fight.

PDG: During your downtime, have you been watching any fights?
Kevin: Yes, I watched UFC 87 and I would have to say that I was very impressed with Brock Lesnar's performance considering it was only his third professional fight. Any heavyweight that he fights in the UFC is going to have their hands full. He controlled the whole fight and made it look easy, just like any accomplished wrestler should be able to do.

PDG: What did you think of the Georges St. Pierre vs. Jon Fitch fight?
Kevin: Fitch is tough as hell but you saw why GSP is the champion. Fitch fought a very good fight but what it comes down to is that he was overmatched. GSP has so many weapons that he makes it look too easy sometimes.

PDG: I talked with your old buddy Mark Coleman a couple of weeks ago and he said if the UFC wants him to fight ‘Shogun’ Rua again, he'll be ready. How do you think that rematch would go?
Kevin: Same as the first fight but probably worse for Shogun. No question in my mind that Coleman would punish him. What else did he have to say?

PDG: He was talking about how Tim Sylvia made so much money for his fight against Fedor:

"Why did Tim make so much money and just open his legs and get submitted?”

Kevin: Tim Sylvia is not that ******* good. People can take that comment for what they want and get mad at me, I don't care. When you agree to a fight, you better go in there and give it everything you've got. He may have a better record than mine but when I go in the ring I am going full ******* bore until either I get knocked out or I knock my opponent out! That's how I roll!

PDG: Okay then, who are the top five best pound for pound fighter's out there?
Kevin: I would say Anderson Silva, followed by BJ Penn then Georges St. Peirre. Number four would be Fedor and Urijah Faber is fifth. Also, in my opinion Wanderlei Silva is close to being in that top five.

PDG: Are there any upcoming fights the year to be looked in to watch while you finish up your shoulder rehab?
Kevin: Any fight that comes down the line I will probably keep an eye on.

PDG: What about the Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans fight next month?
Kevin: Chuck Liddell all the way. He is still the same fighter he used to be and Evans has not fought a former champion two fights removed from being the titleholder. I'll say Liddell by decision but I am expecting a knockout.

PDG: Cool are you going to be traveling and doing any seminars in the upcoming months?
Kevin: I have a few scheduled for this fall on the East Coast and I should have all the details available in the coming weeks. I know for sure that one is going to be in upstate New York. I am also going to have some appearances coming up that I am doing with the Army, seminars and some public speaking. I am looking to fill my schedule up as much as possible so that I am constantly staying busy.

PDG: How is your gym in Columbus, Ohio coming?
Kevin: Great, we are just putting all the final details together and we should have a proposed opening day very soon. Right now it's looking like it will be sometime between December and February.

PDG: Did you pick up Madden NFL 2009?
Kevin: Yes but I haven't had much time to play it yet. My son is out here in Vegas getting ready to start school at UNLV, so we have been pretty busy with that stuff. Since he is a transfer student, he has to sit out this year but he'll be playing on the football team next fall. So be on the lookout for Calvin Randleman! He is a 6’1”, 205 lb cornerback that runs a 4.35 40 – yard dash.

PDG: Thanks again Kevin, is there anything else you wanted to add?
Kevin: Not much but thanks to the fans and hopefully they’ll tune in this fall when the ‘Monster’ hits the ring again!


MALICE » Posted 9/17/07 10:04:00PM

Nice interview. Randleman is an honest stand-up guy. I'll be looking forward to seeing his son play. Would love to see a rematch between Coleman/Rua.

Anyone think he will sign with the UFC or Affliction? I know he likes it in Japan, but you never know. Coleman came over. Why shouldn't Randleman?

ThaAxeMurderer7 » Posted 1/16/08 9:55:00PM

Good interview but I definately disagree with his take on the Coleman vs. Shogun fight. I think Shogun would destroy Coleman this time around but I understand that him and Coleman are friends. I could def. see him hooking up with Affliction sometime soon and facing Big Tim.

nickcuc547 » Posted 1/27/07 12:52:00PM

lol at his sylvia comment, the poor guy is an mma whipping boy and he's a former champ.

StorminYourman » Posted 1/24/07 5:45:00PM

I like Kevin and all but how can he call Fedor #4 P4P when he got submitted so easily so shortly after the most devastating suplex I have ever seen?

HumanTarget » Posted 4/16/08 7:47:00PM

I see Randlemen is a BJ Penn nuthugger...

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