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MikeyG » Posted 7/23/08 2:20:00PM

I was there and the only thing that was WTF for me was how quiet the announcing was, I could barely hear Bruce sometimes not at all most of the time.

Kinda dumb that people are cheering for Brock just because hes from MN, just that "hes from here so I like him" mentality is just gross and cheering for Fitch at points because hes from the U.S. and not because your a fan (which shows your not really a Fitch fan) kinda ignorant and is a shame that is still among the sport.

Oh yeah and candynuts is right some were saying "USA" when mcdonald and maia were fighting until I reminded them jasons canadian, lol.

Wish Heath, Gusmao, and Huerta would have won and wasnt that great of a card in terms of results but I'm glad I went, Its awesome even in the back row, trust me guys, its still a good view, dont be spoiled.

Diamondback2 » Posted 6/21/07 3:19:00PM

I was there and it is very interesting to day the least....

1st of all, there was alot of empty seats, I would guesstimate about 2k empty, so there was only 11-12k ppl there. If i remember correctly there was like 18k at 77 and that was louder.

The USA chant during Maia/McDonald was hilarious!!!! I couldn't believe it.

The crowd was way better than 77, ALOT less booing, even during the many decisions. Listen to Brock/Herring again, halfway through the intro it went from a boo to cheering. All booing was minimal.

The Andre/Jones fight recieved the most booing, it really looked like Andre faked the second knee to the groin so the fans had no respect for him after that, they actually started chanting "BULLSHIT!! BULLSHIT!!!"

The crowd was INSANE for the last 4 fights (in this order): Huerta/Florian, Manny/Emerson, Brock//Herring, GSP/Fitch

Listen to GSP's, Brock's and Roger's intro's, they went apeshit.

The thing about the USA/GSP chant was about half the stadium was chanting GSP and half was chanting USA. In the arena it sounded like: "USP!!!! "GSA!!!" That's why it prolly sounded like that via PPV.

Very respectful crowd, was glad i attended the event.

pharside » Posted 4/2/07 8:53:00PM

Posted by pdanke

Posted by fonduktoe

i was at the fights and the crowd was fantastic

I was there too, I thought it was almost a Japanese-style crowd, if that makes sense. Minimal booing, very respectful and loud when it counted.

I was thinking the same, kinda like a Pride/Dream crowd

Diamondback2 » Posted 6/21/07 3:19:00PM

Just re-watched the Maia/McDonald fight with commentary, and it seemed like Goldberg and Rogan were both surprised.

At the end of round one Goldy said something along the lines of "RD 1, All Submissions, All Sumission Attempts, All Sub Escapes... and everybody's on thier feet here tonight.

At the end of Rd 2 Rogan said sumitn like "And Mike, listen to everyone cheering in this audience."

Was very Japan like crowd, almost no booing (except for the first 2 fights).

I just cant remember the last time i heard those two say that about a basically grappling match.

Watch pretty much any UFC 77 fight and you will see the diffrence.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

I was there... and there was some definite booing for Herring and Florian at their entrance. No suprise tho' as they were hometown fighters. I thought the crowd was great. There were some empty seats, but I'd put the total attendance at approx. 15,000. It was the highest grossing event in Target Center history. It definitely wasn't quiet in there, and I felt like the crowd showed itself to be extremely good mannered and enthusiastic. There would be an occasional boo bird when things went to the ground, but I witnessed two times where that boo bird was shouted down by the surrounding crowd as being an idiot and unknowledgable.

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

allmotormark » Posted 1/17/07 4:53:00PM

I really can't stand people cheering "USA" that bugs me ALOT
gives me the impression that there are a bunch of drunk hicks watching these matches.

It's not about canada, brazil or USA its about the fighters cheer for the fighter you like but leave the USA vs the world crap for CNN.

Diamondback2 » Posted 6/21/07 3:19:00PM

i disagree.

in the case of Fitch, it's really hard to get a chant of "Fitch" going.

USA is easy.

Im the case of Maia/McDonald it made alot of sense, McDonald is really hard to chant, until you realize Jason is canadian.......

allmotormark » Posted 1/17/07 4:53:00PM

Posted by Diamondback2

Im the case of Maia/McDonald it made alot of sense, McDonald is really hard to chant, until you realize Jason is canadian.......

haha too funny at first i was like isn't maia from brazil?? LOL

crushedbacon » Posted 6/11/07 6:31:00PM

The only reason I'm commenting on this thread is that I remember watching the fights and thinking what a sweet crowd man. Hardly any booing and they got loud and excited at appropriate times, good indicator of mma knowledge. So much better than the loud ass booing, pretty much anytime somebodies not getting knocked out. Booing totally destroys the event vibe for me.......Booing Amount is definitely correlated with class.

*** and not the socioeconomic class. The important version.

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