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Pitbull09 » Posted 6/2/07 5:38:00PM

Fedor vs Couture
AA vs. Kongo

LH weights
Chuck vs Wandy
Jackson vs Shogun
Forrest vs Rashad
Houston vs Tito
Matt Hamil vs the three judges that screwed him over

Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson
Jason Macdonald vs Okami (Scheduled)

Matt Hughes vs Kos (So Matt prove Kos isnt better)
Sanchez vs Fitch (Scheduled)

Clay vs Roger
Bj vs Joe Stevenson
Nate Diaz vs Joe Lauzon
Gray Maynard vs Ken Flo

Open Weight
Rich Franklin vs George St Pierre
Sherk vs Kos (I already have Kos listed but I think Sherk would still be favored since hes more than 155 after the weigh ins)
CC vs. Miletich

kimoron » Posted 5/9/07 6:28:00PM

hendo vs silva
randy vs fedor
hughes vs filho
arlovski vs cc
shields vs kos
aoki vs melendez
gonzaga vs barnett
lil nog vs tito
lindland vs franklin
nog vs sylvia
kid vs faber
silva vs liddell
rashad vs arona
guida vs sherk
kongo vs a. emelianenko
shogun vs machida
gsp vs fitch

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

I love the slugfest all out war BRAWLS!!! & I love EXPLOSIVENESS & WRESTLING GNP!!!

Rampage-Houston Alexander
Chuck Liddel-Wandy
Shogun-Josh Thompson
Kevin Randleman-Melvin Gulliard
Mark Coleman-Randy Coulture
Fedor- Kid Yamamota
BJ- Uriah
Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson

stand-ups_are_gay » Posted 10/11/07 4:08:00PM

Man... Open weight, this is gonna be fun.

Sherk v. Ortiz
Hughes v. Hammil
Florian v. Loaseau
Kongo v. Silvia
Jardine v. Bonnar II
Karo v. BJ
Hughes v. Franklin
Huerta v. Fisher
Couture v. Fedor for the greatest fighter in the whole world and for all time championship. (that one might still happen)

nelson888 » Posted 5/28/07 11:43:00PM

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell
Shogun vs. Keith Jardine
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture
Fitch vs. GSP
Matt Hughes vs. Karo Parisyon
Paul Filho vs. Rich Franklin
Cro Cop vs. Houston Alexander
Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson

KodytheButcher » Posted 7/9/07 7:19:00PM

fedor vs aa
wandi vs houston
kang vs hendo
gsp vs fitch
penn vs gomi

ufcboss » Posted 6/22/07 2:47:00AM

Where do you start, Here's a few

-Franklin Vs Henderson (Soon Hopefully)

-A. Silva Vs Henderson (But I will take this too!)

-GSP Vs Anyone

-Chuck Vs Cro Cop

-Fedor Vs Couture

Tito Vs Dana White's "Boxing Match"

jocksmall » Posted 1/18/07 6:04:00PM

couture vs barnett
hughes vs nick diaz
henderson vs anderson silva
fedor vs dana white (foot stomps allowed)

ohiostate1016 » Posted 9/20/07 12:33:00PM

I'd have to say these fights:

LW-Gomi vs. B.J. Penn; I know we've seen this fight beore (BJ won), but these are the top to LW's in the world.

LW-Chris Horodecki vs. Roger Huerta; Who is really the future of the 155 div.?

WW-Hatt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie (in his prime); We got to see this fight with an old, tired Royce. I want the Royce from UFC 2.

WW-Jon Fitch vs. GSP; Who is really the future of the 170 div?

MW-Rich Franklin vs. Matt Lindland; Old-guard vs. New-guard. I have no idea who would win, but it would be a hell of a fight.

MW-Mike Bisping vs. Paulo Filho; Bisping would be awesome at 185, and Filho is the most underrated guy here.

LHW-Rampage vs. Rashad Evans; This is my #1 dream fight. I think Rashad will beat Rampage in a y ear.

LHW-Tito vs. Forrest; I sooooooo want to see this rematch

HW-Randy Couture vs. Fedor Emelianenko; Of course I want to see this fight, who doesn't?

HW-Cheick Kongo vs. Bob Sapp; Who is the best kickboxer?

thepunisher » Posted 2/2/07 11:42:00AM

Fedor Vs Couture
Arona Vs Ortiz
Shogun VS Machida
A Silva VS Hendo
Big Nog Vs Mir
Wand Vs Chuck
GSP Vs Fitch
BJ Vs Aoki
Hughes Vs KOS
Diego Vs Gomi
AA Vs A. Emelianenko
Faber VS Kid
Sherk Vs JZ
G. Melendez Vs Shaolin
Kang Vs Frankin
Cro Cop Vs Sylvia
Nick Diaz Vs Sheilds
Karo Vs Sakurai
Sapp Vs Lensar
Bas Vs Royce
F Shamrock Vs K Shamrock
Saku Vs Gono
Rampage Vs Rashad
Bisping Vs Jardine

ufc88 » Posted 7/15/07 2:11:00AM

Fedor vs. Couture
Brandon Vera vs. Wanderlei Silva (205 lbs)
Heath Herring vs. Tim Sylvia
Gabe Gonzaga vs Mark Hunt
Cro Cop vs. Andrei Arlovski
Chuck Liddell vs. Shogun Rua
Forrest Griffin vs. Lyoto Machida
Dan Henderson vs. Tito Ortiz
Rampage Jackson vs. Houston Alexander
Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin (185 lbs)
Anderson Silva vs. GSP (185 lbs)
Nick Diaz vs. Kenny Florian
Matt Hughes vs Jon Fitch
Karo Parisyan vs Josh Koscheck
Takanori Gomi vs. Sean Sherk
Sam Stout vs. Roger Huerta
Spencer Fisher vs. Joe Lauzon
Mark Homnick vs. Joachim Hansen

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