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DiabloFreak56 » Posted 5/6/08 7:18:00PM

15-5 but i didnt get to pick bunetellos fight because i was at work till 4 yesterday and they locked it up so i couldnt pick it. but overall i did ok i think

iwannabesedated » Posted 1/21/07 9:47:00PM

Pretty shit on both.7-4 UFC

Affliction i pretty much picked all the huge underdogs just for the hell of it...and i wanted to be the douche that bragged about Picking Tim Sylvia if he wouldve beat Fedor...

FrankTheTank1181 » Posted 1/12/08 2:20:00AM

I went 18-3, 0 losses in Affliction. Lost Franca/Edgar fight cause I hate watching Edgar so I picked against him. Also picked against CB cause he just irks me. Then I lost that Burns/Johnson debacle Need to not pick against fighters just cause I don't like em.

wrestler189 » Posted 1/29/07 9:08:00PM

I think I did pretty well

ranked top 10 in both leagues at the moment

see_you_in_hell_brat » Posted 1/31/07 10:31:00PM

^ nice bankroll buddy! *high five*

im hanging in there too.

#54 L1
#1 L2


rabbit915 » Posted 10/23/07 3:00:00PM

I went 18-3. I knew it was going to be a good night when i nailed the first 2 fights of the UFC undercard dead on.

wrestler189 » Posted 1/29/07 9:08:00PM

Posted by see_you_in_hell_brat

^ nice bankroll buddy! *high five*

im hanging in there too.

#54 L1
#1 L2



Trillione » Posted 4/16/07 10:28:00AM

This weekend was sick. WRW dominated both.

joshryanshepherd » Posted 2/7/08 12:44:00AM

im 17-4

i took a ballsy parlay and it payed out!

8-3 primary
9-1 secondary

i plan on putting last seasons awful record behind me and molding a new pretty record!!!

-Im back with a vengeance! Or not.

Fox Hound- The Patriots of the Playground!

#1 in points-1st season
#1 in points- 2nd season
#1 in points- 3rd season
#1 in points- 4th season
#1 in points- 5th season

aswell as #1 in Wagers and the entire Secondary league...

prie5t » Posted 1/24/08 2:11:00PM

Had a pretty good weekend with the wins went 26-2 over all, though there were several fights that were quite predicable.

UFN: 9-2, 82 points

Affliction: 10-0, 79 points

Dream: 7-0 (estimate 49 points)

DCRage » Posted 8/3/07 12:38:00PM

Went 5-2 on DREAM, so 19-9 total.

npayant » Posted 1/28/07 6:28:00PM

27-1 Would have been perfect.... dang eye poke!

Chagrin » Posted 1/25/07 1:51:00AM

I did fairly well.. I thought I'd do very well on DREAM, but about an hour before the picks closed I hesitated, recalling a few fights where he started strong but couldn't survive the 10-minute first round against heavy-handed strikers, and switched from Overeem sub 1 to Hunt KO 1. The extra 22 points would have put me at 70, just off the leaders for the event. :(

9-2 UFC, 62 points
9-1 Affliction, 56 points
6-1 DREAM, 48 points

Just wasn't hitting round/method consistently this weekend, though I generally had the winners. Ah, well. Not a bad result, all told.

Edit: The Burns/Johnson fight probably will (and should) be overturned to a NC, I'm guessing, which would drop me to 8-2.. although I thought he was winning the fight before that. Shrug.

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