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MFOTHER » Posted 1/30/08 5:21:00PM

******* rampage...what was he thinking

if chuck doesnt win.....who gets it?

machida said joe silva said one or two whose up if not liddell

postman » Posted 6/23/07 7:57:00PM

Well if Evans wins one would think he would be in the race (not that I agree). Now that one or two might be more like now if Chuck losses for Machida. Hell the way they run things Anderson beats the Sandman and maybe he get a shot. Wandy smashed Jardine who beat The new champ maybe he gets a shot.

juanez13 » Posted 7/12/07 9:54:00PM

if Chuck wins in an impressive fashion, as he should, him getting the first crack would be smart to do in the UFC's part, that would be a big money match up, + everyone wants to see Liddell as the champ again.

EDIT: Wow, just saw what Page did. now he isnt getting a title shot for sure, just got the point of you putting NOW in the title

Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM

Unless the charges are completely dismissed / a mis-trial for whatever reason its almost certainly Chuck if he beats rashad, if not... its machida.

Anything other than that is shenanigans.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

JimiMak » Posted 1/24/07 9:31:00PM

I never thought Page would or should get the shot. I've always thought that as long as Chuck wins the Rashad fight he gets it. I don't like that, but Chuck vs Forrest is the biggest money fight they have available.

I think Page was always the backup plan, and we don't have enuf info to know what else. He may still be in contention... on the other end of the spectrum, he might do jail time. There's still almost nothing known for sure.

Franklinfan47 » Posted 5/20/07 4:03:00PM

Machida by rights.

But the winner of Evans/Liddell will probably get the next shot.

xposipx » Posted 4/30/07 2:39:00PM

Posted by Franklinfan47

Machida by rights.

But the winner of Evans/Liddell will probably get the next shot.

You're right...

Liddell/Evans winner 1st shot.

Machida/Wanderlei OR Machida/Thiago Silva for the 2nd.

RNC » Posted 9/5/07 7:26:00PM

If Liddell wins he gets the shot. If he loses, they might wait for Machida to win one more and give it to him.

Branwest » Posted 7/14/07 1:42:00PM

Personally, I think Machida derserves a shot. Maybe one more fight before, but he definately deserves a shot. Thiago Silva, after another win or two against more quality opponents, than maybe he should have a shot.
But like the earlier post states, Forrest vs. Liddell is a serious moneymaker. If Chuck beats Rashad, which if he can get past Rashad's wrestling, and use his great ability to keep the fight standing, then the Forrest/LIddell fight WILL happen. And I, for one, would love to see it.
I also would like to see Anderson Silva get a shot if he beats Irvin. I think he may be able to hold both titles. I would love to see Anderson and Chuck because that, in my opinion, would be the type of fighter to beat Anderson, someone with great standup.

gsquat » Posted 11/15/07 5:00:00PM

If not Machida, then the winner of Liddell/Evans for sure. No question about it. Seriously. There shouldn't even be a question about this its so obvious.

npayant » Posted 1/28/07 6:28:00PM

Posted by JimiMak

I don't like that, but Chuck vs Forrest is the biggest money fight they have available.

I totally agree! I don't really want to see Chuck in the title picture (yet). He needs a number of impressive wins after those 2 losses. Beating Wandy is a start, but I'd like to see him win 2 or 3 more and who knows if he can do that??? He's really nearing the final stages of his career in my opinion.

BUT...I totally agree, if the UFC was smart, this match (Liddel vs Forrest) would be a HUGE money maker! The coach vs pupil... classic! Two of the main guys that put MMA and the UFC in the National spotlight...

Edit: I forgot to say who I think should get the next shot... Machida, hands down!!!

teddythetuna » Posted 1/16/07 5:06:00PM

Machida should get it. I thought he should have the next shot even before the Rampage fiasco.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

right now i think it has to be winner of lidell vs evans match
evans does deserve it plus main line winner vs winner tuf 1 vs tuf 2 for title

i see only a 10% chance of him beating lidell though
title fight has to be in jan maybe even feb superbowl weekend
dec they have big nog vs mir
shogun is fighting
i think the coleman vs lesnar bout will be thrown in

poll77 » Posted 3/1/07 8:10:00AM long as he doesn't lose, but when is the last time chuck lost to a wrestler?? its def been a while

KYGUY07 » Posted 4/9/07 12:49:00PM

the winner of liddell vs evans

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