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The Most Pathetic Rankings Ever   [View Full Version]
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The_Ho_Bag » Posted 10/13/07 9:10:00PM

so i guess BJ penn isnt ranked as a lW? lm,fao trash ass rankings

fonduktoe » Posted 1/4/08 6:33:00PM

did this rankings list come out of a wormhole from some parallel universe?
i can't believe this exists
satan has something to do with this

Pitbull09 » Posted 6/2/07 5:38:00PM

I want to find these people and hurt them. That how pissed these ranking make me. How the hell are Eddie Sanchez and Brett Rogers in here. There is endless BS in these rankings and I love how they act liek they are the center of the world by posting how they saw decisions and making that what matters most

Pitbull09 » Posted 6/2/07 5:38:00PM

How can Franklin be 12 when he beat Okami (#2) and utterly destroyed MacDonald (#4)!! Kang is coming off two straight losses and they have him ranked higher

Khaos » Posted 6/27/07 8:20:00PM

Those are by far the worst rankings I've ever seen!

How is BJ not even there ?

How is Jay Heiron ranked as number two?

(and) How the **** is Chris Tuchscherer even ranked Top 20 ?

big_timmy » Posted 2/1/08 12:49:00AM

I was looking at the overall rankings... *sigh* And i found these numbers kinda funny.

Firstly, it goes all the way down to 3422, if your ranked past about 1000, then in my opinion, you aint ranked.

Vladamir Matyushenko #8? Come on now, you gotta be joking.

As for BJ Penn, well... he's ranked 330 in the world.
GSP, 40th.
Hermes Franca 16th.

Lets check out how Affliction will go according to these odds. I want these guys to run my local betting agency.

Big Tim 37th - Fedor 62nd

Barnett 19th - Pedro 427th

Aleks 65th - Buentello 555th

Babalu 472nd - Whitehead 527th

AA 138th - Ben Rothwell 30th

Dewees 453rd - Little Nog 718th

Lindland 260th - Negao 2246th

Hominik 321st - Savant 666th

Belfort 2957th - Martin 395th

Pyle 72nd - Ambrose 317th

Levens 922nd - Lazama 1973rd.

Sinatra » Posted 1/24/07 7:44:00PM

LOL... easily the worst MMA site ever on the Internet

telnights » Posted 6/21/07 4:17:00PM

Posted by Svartorm

I think the only thing you can do in this situation is find members of this panel and see if they want to bet money on the Fitch vs. GSP fight. I mean, come on, Fitch is the #1 WW in the world while GSP is a lowly #10. You can at least get 3:1 odds on that.

I so want in on some of that action ..

MMA Playground Mod

F--K_Luck_AuH2O » Posted 8/29/07 6:36:00PM

Fo real, thats nothing but a bunch of nerdy freaks thinking they can pass their own biased ass rankings off on everybody else just because they got a good domain name.

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

I thought I was bad with rankings until I saw this.

Jackelope » Posted 1/30/07 10:59:00AM

Posted by mrsmiley

I thought I was bad with rankings until I saw this.

LOL I haven't touched my rankings updates in over a year and they're still more accurate than this garbage

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