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Will You get the new UFC game
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Yes 60 88%
No 1 1%
Not sure yet 7 10%
New UFC Video Game Trailer   [View Full Version]
tlangley » Posted 9/23/07 8:34:00PM

The Link

On Spike TV Monday night.

eyeforeigneye » Posted 7/27/07 8:23:00PM

Amir is the man!

i saw this when he put it up on his myspace earlier, cant wait for this game already

Bowen50 » Posted 6/21/07 12:42:00PM

this game is gonna be insane. i can't wait until it comes out.

joshryanshepherd » Posted 2/7/08 12:44:00AM

shoot! i gotta watch it now or i'll end up like CB! not like i wasn't gonna watch it in the first place.

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JimmieDD » Posted 7/13/08 7:57:00PM

I wonder how the controls work on this..

F--K_Luck_AuH2O » Posted 8/29/07 6:36:00PM

The closest thing to a collegiate/amatuer wrestling game we are ever gonna get

shawneth » Posted 1/24/07 5:49:00PM


flainthefacerh » Posted 3/25/08 1:16:00PM

E3 2008 is starting tomororw, if you guys have the channel G4, there will most likely be some info on new UFC game

CantAndleDaRiddum » Posted 12/14/07 5:25:00PM

yes i will buy the game

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

Looks like it's coming along pretty good.From the footage,it still looks a bit stiff and mechanical,but hopefully this is fixed before the release.

gsquat » Posted 11/15/07 5:00:00PM

I like the "Franklin/Quarry" style KO on Forrest st the end. Looks even more incredible.

JoeMimic » Posted 1/16/07 6:19:00PM

I actually made the mistake of tuning in at 9 and they wanted you to sit through A History Of Violence because they had 6 different trailers from games to show you including UFC 2009. The clips they showed were the Forrest/Rampage stuff we've already seen so I figured they were just going to show that one again so I didn't bother sticking around.

Edit - Apparently they didn't show us anything new in the video it was just Forrest/Rampage again and they tried to make it look like their fight.

JoeMimic » Posted 1/16/07 6:19:00PM

Here's the link

__LAL__ » Posted 2/6/07 12:57:00PM

I will definetly be buying this. I just hope they get the online version of the game right.

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