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Drew Fickett out of July MFC title fight with Ryan Ford   [View Full Version]
MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM

The odd series of events surrounding veteran fighter Drew Fickett (34-5) continue to develop as Mark Pavelich, owner and president of the Canadian-based Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC), has declared Fickett out of a scheduled July 25 bout with Ryan Ford.


Vote4Fedro » Posted 6/30/08 1:20:00AM

I say it is either a voodoo curse or bad karma. Dude is on a weird stretch

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

drew just keeps messing everything up for himself.

TWITA » Posted 6/21/07 2:44:00PM

Agreed. Not sure who to believe at this point. As was stated earlier, Drew is on a strange stretch of f-ups.

Diaz311Franca » Posted 6/23/08 3:27:00AM

aw dang it! not Drew Fickett!!!! my summer is ruined!!!!!!!!!!!

F--K_Luck_AuH2O » Posted 8/29/07 6:36:00PM

Fickett is my friend, he doesn't **** things up for himself per say, he just has bad luck.

Not saying its all bad luck, Drew was raised in the barrio despite being "white" he's actually a mexican. Promoters and other fighters tend to deal with him like he's a middle class proper soup spoon using white man...when in fact theynee dto treat him as a poor supressed hispanic immigrant.

You see, if a promoter were to leave such a voice message on a white person's phone nothing would happen except a stern conversation. But common sense would dictate that one would not leave that type of message on a "beaner's" phone.

Same thing for Shields. Jake pulled out of his first fight with Drew because he didn't take him seriously...a normal proper white guy would just view this as stradegy or dodging and schatch it up to their own confidence level. But do it to a mexican and its disrespect. Hence why Drew did the same to Jake.

Drew soesn't have a Hence en Mexico tatoo on his back because he lost a bet...he has a chicano heart, and is a true mexican fighter.

People need to learn to treat him as such.

billycarnage » Posted 7/30/07 3:23:00PM

I don't think this is a racial issue.

He's an alcoholic.

If you sign a contract you uphold a contract. He claims to be a man of his word... I like him, he fights out of my home town, I've tried to follow him but it is kinda tough. I wish him the best with his kid on the way and all but S* happens. I think he is better off in EXC anyway. Hope he fights Shields soon.

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