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are there any ufc fighters that you dislike now like?? and like now dislike??   [View Full Version]
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BradDC » Posted 1/21/08 12:44:00AM

didnt used to like and now like
nate diaz
sam stout

liked and now dont like

StriderXero » Posted 9/2/07 3:37:00PM

Guys I didn't like before
Matt Hughes- I liked him before TuF, then hated him, then liked him again. well not like him but respect him.

Georges St. Pierre- when i first seen him talk I thought he was imitating Jean Claude Van Dam, then I realized that was the way he talked......I felt stupid

Tito Ortiz- I didn't like him before, cus he just seemed like a punk, but then I realized that the guy is just immature. Same as Dana White. I dont think you can change those two.

Guys I liked but now dislike

Chuck Liddell- I cant explain what hapenned there, but man.....Rampage made me a fan of his after he KOd him. I was Like Finally!

Melvin Guillard- I liked him for about 2 minutes of TUF. Can you imagine? I liked the guy then disliked him within 2 minutes of showing him.

Guy I disliked and now Loathe

KJ Noons- I can't really explain this one. I disliked his name at first, then after that, it just went downhill from there.

MartinKillMcGill » Posted 6/30/07 9:54:00AM

I used to like Diego Sanchez but now hate him. I think its the stubid face he pulls as he enters.
I used to like kendel grove but now hate him
I wouldn't say i hated the axe murderer before but now i love him
I would probly ad brock lesner to this list to. I really thought that brock was going to be an over-confident prick when he came to the ufc but was really impressed with how well he took the defeat against mir and his post and pre match comments

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