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SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

C.B. Dollaway got a second chance at becoming "The Ultimate Fighter," and a second chance to defeat Amir Sadollah, who eliminated him from The Ultimate Fighter 7 competition. Dollaway was then brought back when finalist Jesse Taylor was kicked off the show for his conduct only days after filming concluded.

Dollaway lost to Sadollah by arm bar, again, and spoke with the media about the tap that he wishes he could take back.

"With the tap, I didn't fully commit to the tap, but I did hit him once," said the Tempe, Ariz. native. "I guess they ruled that a tap. I thought you had to go on and start tapping out. I did hit him once. Right as I did that, I felt my arm get into a position where I could get out. At that point Herb (Dean) ruled it as a tap out."

The disappointed Dollaway reflected on The Ultimate Fighter 7 Live Finale loss to Sadollah. "It's kind of a crappy way for it to end for me after putting in all the hard work, training and everything for this fight," said the 24-year-old fighter. "I would have at least liked to have went a few more rounds. Having it end so quick is just a disappointment."


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CornishMMA » Posted 2/27/07 10:43:00AM

FYI i did see a proper rule once somewhere and it does say you HAVE TO make 3 taps to tapout, it makes perfect sense cos they could just slap you and you let go and they carry on, and as in this case the point at which you think you HAVE TO tapout can change in a split second so imo fighters should be allowed to rethink a tapout and it should always be 3 clear taps

That tap was no different to Kenny Florian when he fought Mishima

Lucas » Posted 2/5/07 9:28:00AM

I think its a difficult one for the ref to be honest, he's watching closely and is probably half waiting for the tap so as soon as CB puts his hand up and taps once the ref automatocally stopped it. I'm sure if it happened the other way and the ref didn't stop it straight away and CB ended up with a broken arm he would probably complain why didn't the ref stop it when i first tapped.

I can see both sides though to be fair but just trying to see it from a differnt point of view

CornishMMA » Posted 2/27/07 10:43:00AM

Nice to see you still have the avvy i made you Lucas, you guys are so lucky having those massives ones still, you are cheating the rules, oh and well done with your picks dude

I know what you are saying but thats why they have that 3 tap rule so really the fault lies with the ref, he should have ruled it a technicall submission if he thought it was snapping

Leland » Posted 4/24/07 11:10:00AM

It is a 3 tap rule, and when i saw him tap once. I WTF'd but then again if he woulda broken his arm, he woulda been pissed at the ref. Its a tough call. Nonetheless, a good event, and I'm glad Amir one. The guy has potential.

saemskin » Posted 12/13/07 12:06:00PM

It appeared to me that he was tapp"ing" but Herb stopped the fight after the first smack.
It only takes a split second to get damaged badly in this position and if that were me, I would rather get stopped quickly than be in a position like Hughes when GSP had him in the "arm bar from hell", where it was so tight he had to hold on with the other arm and tap verbally for fear of losing the limb.
Herb Dean did the right thing.

Solidus » Posted 4/24/07 7:39:00PM

It's not like they wait for 3 taps in other fights and they're not controversial. The armbar looked pretty tight. That alone puts Herb Dean in a position to stop the fight if he thinks the fighters saftey is now in question, the tap just sealed the deal and initially CB did look very committed to the tap.

stock » Posted 7/1/07 7:14:00PM

Can someone please post a link to the actual "3 tap" rule everyone is talking about. (wiki does not count).

I would like to see something from a UFC, CSAC, or NSAC website.

I have never read anything "official" that describes a tapout as having to be 3 taps.
Crap, Sonnen never even tapped and that fight was stopped.

I honestly don't know of a ref anywhere that would not have stopped the Dolloway fight when it was stopped.

emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

Posted by stock

I honestly don't know of a ref anywhere that would not have stopped the Dolloway fight when it was stopped.


The #1 priority for a referee is to protect the fighter at all times. Dolloway was in a position to possibly get his arm broken and HD had to make a split second decision TO PROTECT HIM.

Legit stoppage. People need to quit cryassing about refs. It's really getting old.

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emfleek » Posted 11/18/07 4:54:00PM

Posted by CornishMMA

so imo fighters should be allowed to rethink a tapout and it should always be 3 clear taps

Do that and you're adding a WHOLE LOT of un-needed/unwanted grey area.

It's either a tap or it isn't. You can't give fighters a chance to reconsider.

"I'm like the superhero coming in with the anti-bullsh*t." - Nick Diaz

MoJoy » Posted 7/14/07 1:46:00AM

I would also like to see a link of that. All I know is Amir put him in an arm bar the first time, and did it right away the second time. CB did not tap a bunch of times, but he looked panicked and like he wanted out. That's what it looked like to me. Of course afterwards you wanna have a better showing. But at the moment, Amir was in total control.

EliasG » Posted 10/20/07 12:55:00AM

Agreed. Too much attention is put on the refs. The TRUTH is, if you didn't WANT to tap, you never would have. Like a lot of you guys said, that was in pretty deep and with a shift of his hips here or there CB's arm very well could have snapped. He tapped, then changed his mind.

If you play chess, you can't take your finger off the piece. If you play football you can't "take back" a timeout cuz you "didn't mean to". And in MMA you can't tap and then say I didn't "mean to". A ref is not a mind reader or a psychic. Their job is VERY simple. They are there to make sure the rules are followed and the fighters are safe. That's it. Herb did HIS job, CB didn't if he didn't "mean" to tap.

BigTomZ » Posted 6/21/07 8:14:00PM

Amir appeared to have the arm bar in and CB did tap one time. Maybe he thought twice but there was still a tap and the lock was still in. If anyone knows how fast an arm can break it is Herb Dean. He was the ref when Mir broke Sylvia's arm. He saw and tap and the lock was still in so he did his job and made sure CB did not suffer any serious injury.

DonnieDarko » Posted 6/22/07 5:44:00PM

totllay agree good call by herb dean saving CB's arm from utter destruction

DevonFoxy » Posted 6/27/07 1:57:00PM

Yea im a huge Dollaway fan before he was on the show and still but I think the stoppage was fair and CB does too. He tapped once and in his first fight he tapped once or twice as well and he didn't complain about the stoppage. I think he was just frustrated because he halfhearted the tap and felt he had a way out after he taped so it was much frustration than anything else.

I was really disappointed but Dana will lock CB up and he'll be back. Alot of good matches for him in the UFC and Dana shouldn't want to get rid of him seeing it seemed Dana loved him on the show and I wouldn't want to let nay other org. get him because he has serious star power being only 24.

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