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Tim Credeur vs Cale Yarbrough set for TUF 7 FInale   [View Full Version]
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Franklinfan47 » Posted 5/20/07 4:03:00PM


Two-time semifinalist Tim Credeur (10-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC) and quarterfinalist Cale Yabrough (0-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will meet in Saturday's live finale of "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest."

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

tim via tko rnd 2

hotrodttt » Posted 8/25/07 6:56:00PM

I think Tim Submits him rather easily with an Armbar from the Mount in the 1st Round

Fedor is the G.O.A.T

xposipx » Posted 4/30/07 2:39:00PM

What a gimme. Tim earned it though. It really is odd Cale is getting a fight wile Harris and Cramer are nowhere to be seen. Speaking of those guys...they are two good candidates for undercard bouts for July 19th.

crazedfan » Posted 8/3/07 5:23:00PM

Tim via EASY submission in Round 1.

xphycorx » Posted 7/3/07 12:48:00AM

yarbrough is garbage. he's got no chance. why is he even fighting for the ufc?

Mayhem13 » Posted 6/28/07 1:10:00AM

Cale is still young in the game, and has a lot of work to do.

Tim will basically outclass him, and get a submission win.

Kracker_Jap » Posted 12/27/07 9:23:00PM

I'm an Idiot just so you know

Khaos » Posted 6/27/07 8:20:00PM

Thank you god, I was so disheartened whe Tim lost to Jesse, then again to CB(I think he won that fight,but my judging might have been bias as I am a Credeur fan and not a CB fan) I think Tim takes this one by an early submission.

CornishMMA » Posted 2/27/07 10:43:00AM


should have been Cramer fighting Tim

Tim by whatever sub he wants rd1

dannyfrank » Posted 5/10/08 8:43:00PM

Posted by xphycorx

yarbrough is garbage. he's got no chance. why is he even fighting for the ufc?

he should be fighting cramer or harris

Chuteboxer » Posted 3/24/07 2:47:00PM

Tim should win; I'm happy to see that he's getting to fight this Saturday anyways, despite not getting his chance to do so in the finals. The man's earned his time in the UFC.

wrona666 » Posted 6/21/07 3:31:00PM

Yarbrough has a lot of work to do before he should be fighting in the UFC, but then again he is Forrests buddy so we all know why he is there....

Wolf » Posted 1/14/07 11:32:00PM

I think you're all going to be thoroughly impressed with the changes in Cales jits. As far as standup goes, you haven't come close to seeing the best he has to offer there. He's got extremely heavy hands, and really good kicks. His fight against schultz was just nerves. I think this fight will be a lot better than you think. As for Cramer, it's my understanding that Cale was slated to fighter Cramer but he broke his collar bone. That's how this fight happened.

tepid55 » Posted 2/4/07 2:11:00PM

Credeur will win by first round submission.

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