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Dana White Refutes N.Y. Regulation Is Topic Of "Big Announcement"   [View Full Version]
grappler0000 » Posted 3/24/07 5:29:00PM

As we previously reported, UFC President Dana White made a guest appearance yesterday on CNBC's "Power Lunch" to announce a merchandising deal with JAKKS. During the interview White took time to publicly address rumors that are swirling around the internet involving another big announcement that the UFC has planned for next Tuesday - stating that Floyd Mayweather will not be signing with the UFC, the company will not go public, Vince McMahon will not buy out the Fertitta's and the UFC will not be shown on free TV anytime soon. (Click here to watch the interview)

The nature of the UFC's big announcement has remained secret, but White has boasted that the announcement will reveal MMA's direction over the next five years. Fans and insiders have speculated about the nature of the announcement and a variety of plausible scenarios have surfaced; all from "reliable sources", all appear legitimate and all of this speculation greatly benefits the UFC.

After EliteXC's mainstream success and Affliction signing or partnering up with every big name tough guy out there, including business mogul Donald Trump, is it possible that White and Co. floated a number of these rumors to in order to drum up some interest and get the conversation back onto the UFC? While unlikely, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility, and the fact remains that all of this speculation can only be good for the industry leaders.

White and the UFC appear to be getting such a kick, not to mention publicity, out of all of the speculation surrounding their impending press conference that they decided to let us all flail about a bit more by pushing back the day of the press conference from this Thursday to next Tuesday. Good business decision, bad for all of us grown-ups who had a tough time waiting for Christmas as kids.

Sam Caplin reported earlier today that he had revealed White's big surprise; an MMA New York sanction, but that was quickly shot down by White himself through German MMA reporter Oliver Copp. Apparently, White told Copp and other reporters in London that the big surprise would not be New York regulation. There you have it.



beachbum7568 » Posted 6/22/07 2:03:00PM

These next six days will be painful. I JUST WANT TO KNOW ALREADY!!!!!!

D0wnUnd6e6r » Posted 9/13/07 5:12:00PM

meh, keeping us in the dark is getting old IMO. I'll probly forget about it in about an hour then remember next tuesday (or thursday whatever it is now) when its announced.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

meh, keeping us in the dark is getting old IMO. I'll probly forget about it in about an hour then remember next tuesday (or thursday whatever it is now) when its announced.

I wish it was that easy...

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

im hoping it's not something that is just stupid. i mean if he is pushing back the date, i mean it better be something effing mind blowing!

snakeplissken » Posted 2/17/07 4:55:00PM

I think Dana may finally be revealing who shot JFK.

Focker101 » Posted 5/31/07 10:41:00AM

It is probably that whole thing where he is going to take all the welterweights and up and move them from the WEC to the UFC

and move all the lightweights to the WEC or something like that

Red-Dragon » Posted 6/23/07 8:48:00AM

Jenna Jameson told me that the big anouncement is that Tito is going to co-promote with the UFC

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