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MMAcca » Posted 4/30/07 3:11:00PM

Posted by IriShame

I just don't see anybody beating Machida. His style enables him to win decisions against just about any style. Efficient? Yes. Boring? **** Yes.

Machida isn't boring, he's clever. He's always busy, always moving, always looking to strike.

Just because he doesn't stand in front of people and try to hit them before they hit him doesn't make him boring. It makes him smart imo.


fonduktoe » Posted 1/4/08 6:33:00PM

machida is too boring to have a shot at the title
this is a spectator sport and i don't feel like watching somone backpedal for 25 minutes to win a decision
maybe if the ufc had a freeze tag division he could make a run for the title

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

To beat Machida you are going to need GREAT aggression, chin, cardio, and sub defense, solid mentally and have a solid offensive approach. Pretty much the same thing you need against Anderson Silva. You just need to stay on him and as gay as it sounds "NEVER BACK DOWN!" LMAO.

The only guys I can see having a chance against him are Liddell back when he was champ not now, the current no weakness Rampage, and Thiago Silva. Rampage always brings the fight to you and has a great boxing coach that will help him beat Machida on the feet, his pure power and strength make him extremely hard to submit. He's only be KO'd once and that was by 50 Wandy knees. Thiago is always aggressive which is why I love him because he's so exciting. He has a BJJ black belt and is tough as hell like any other former or current Chutebox product.

So pretty much, it will take Rampage or a Chutebox guy to beat Machida.

Jlloyd » Posted 12/8/07 4:30:00PM

Get Evans to fight Machida

and Thiago to fight a good opponent but someone he will beat

then match the winners Machida and Thiago up

two of my favourite fighters, i'd absolutely love to see that fight

EON » Posted 4/16/08 7:23:00PM

Posted by fonduktoe

machida is too boring to have a shot at the title
this is a spectator sport and i don't feel like watching somone backpedal for 25 minutes to win a decision
maybe if the ufc had a freeze tag division he could make a run for the title

my god how many times can you troll about Machida? lets see you fight him mr. ultimate fighter guy

DangerousDjohn » Posted 6/15/07 9:58:00AM

Machida deserves it, its just I dont want to see fights that go to decision unless its a slugfest. Saturday had a spectacular card, and it pulled through. The only fight I could have done without was Machida-Tito. I almost fell asleep in that fight. Machida and Rashad fall under the same catagory FOR ME. Other people have their openions, but for me they are both boring fighers. If it was up to me Id give Thiago the shot and make Machida and Rashad fight to another boring decision. The one difference between Machida and Rashad in my book, is that Machida...if he wanted to...could be an excellent, non boring fighter. I will say although I think hes boring, Machida deserves it. I wouldnt be against him fighting either Silva for the number one contendership though.

beachbum7568 » Posted 6/22/07 2:03:00PM

Machida will never get a title shot with his current style. He would be incredibly unmarketable with his style. It will be like all of timmy and sherks title defenses and we dont want to see those. All i think Machida needs to do is win with a finish like he did to sokoujou and he gets a shot

MartinKillMcGill » Posted 6/30/07 9:54:00AM

I think Evans should fight Thiago.And i would give Machida jardine. I know Machida will come in as a big favourite but i feel jardine fights better when he has nothing to loose and everything to gain. I dont know if he can win but to think jardine's height and reach could cause Machida some problem's

Pitbull09 » Posted 6/2/07 5:38:00PM

Its prob going to be Rashad vs Wanderlei which mean the other fight could be T Sliva vs Lyoto (the winner of this will fight the loser of Evans/Wandy)

MondayNiteMauser » Posted 6/27/07 12:18:00AM

Thiago, Wandy, Machida, and Rashard would all lose to the Ice Man if they fought him. Chuck is obviously the real number one contender. He had an off night against Jardine and Rampage caught him. After he recovers from his injury chuck will get his title back and rule 2009 then retire.

holt8081 » Posted 6/25/07 12:06:00AM

Rashad is not as good as his record shows. He as only fight two good fighters and he has a draw with one of them.

teddythetuna » Posted 1/16/07 5:06:00PM

i think the iceman would beat rashad and thats it on that list. Wandy is out for blood and silvas stand up is good enough to hang until he gets the opportunity to take chuck down(yes i think he could do it. just show up in good shape) and Machida is an amazing striker that can out counter chuck IMO. Unless they both decided to stand there and wait for the other to start punching Said it before and ill say it again. Machida LHW champ by 2009

gsquat » Posted 11/15/07 5:00:00PM

This is tough. Machida is no doubt the #1 or #2 contender in the LHW div. (depending on where you place Liddell). And Rashad and Thiago are at the back of the top ten. Give Machida the next title shot and make Rashad and Thiago fight eachother.

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