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More money than meets the eye in the UFC   [View Full Version]
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juanez13 » Posted 7/12/07 9:54:00PM

what alot of people dont realize is that the UFC pays for everything they do, unlike boxing, where TV and sponsors pay for the production, for advertisement etc.........The UFC has to do all these things with the money they make.(which is alof of $$)

and here is an article defending the UFC fighter pay day.

And several agents, speaking on the condition of anonymity, have said the UFC occasionally pays its fighters bonuses it chooses not to announce to the public. These bonuses apparently go to fighters who perform superbly in a big fight.
Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre reportedly received a $500,000 bonus and a Hummer when he knocked out Matt Hughes at UFC 65 in Sacramento, Calif.

Additionally, fighting in the UFC makes an athlete significantly more attractive to a sponsor. Frank Mir made $85,000 for the logos he wore into the cage for his fight with Brock Lesnar that night. Had he been fighting in another organization, there's zero chance he would have earned half that in sponsorship money and he likely wouldn't have gotten 20 percent as much.

So Mir that night earned a base pay of $40,000, a win bonus of another $40,000, a submission of the night bonus of $60,000 and then hauled in $85,000 in sponsorship dollars.

He's not going to be able to retire after that bout, but bringing in $225,000 for one night's work isn't bad at any time, especially in this economy. A fighter like Chuck Liddell is making around $6 million a year between his salary and his sponsorships and was making at least $9 million little more than a year ago. He was getting $75,000 a month from Xyience and received $1 million for just two weekends of promoting the movie, "300."

"The UFC will pay you if you perform," said fighter agent Dean Albrecht, Mir's agent. "It's like in the NFL. They're not going to rip up your contract after one great game, but if you perform over a period of time, they'll pay you and pay you extremely well. In the UFC, if you go out and fight and put on a great show, believe me, they pay extremely well and they can make some of these kids rich."

TimW001 » Posted 3/30/07 6:31:00PM

That was a very interesting article, then you Kev.

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every professional fighter must be insured in order to fight, and I believe the promotion is responsible for that by law.

roadking95th » Posted 1/17/07 2:43:00PM

I really liked the insightful comment about sponsorships, pertaining to Peyton Manning. The UFC allows the fighters to wear pre-approved sponsorships into the cage. No other major sports league does this. End of story.

xburbx » Posted 6/21/07 5:17:00PM

Hopefully Dana starts using it in his arguments to shutup guys like Randy and other fighters that complain. I wish he would just tell them to get another job if they have a problem with the money they make fighting. That article should be placed in every fighters contract welcome package.

telnights » Posted 6/21/07 4:17:00PM

To clear up the hole medical bill issue here you go!!!!

Posted by Kalib Starnes
I can't speak for anyone else, but I have never said that the UFC does not cover a fighters medical expenses, I'm dealing with their medical claims department right now regarding my broken foot and other injuries sustained at UFC 83, and up until this point they have honored their obligations.

Now its clear the UFC covers medical bills. I don't know why thats so hard to understand for people. The hole thing about them not covering them was just a rumor and no major MMA news site ever said the UFC didn't cover medical bills. But yet some people still seam to think its a issue.

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