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gamez0932 » Posted 8/16/07 3:19:00PM

straight to the bank- 50 cent

Linye » Posted 7/6/07 9:15:00PM

Life Long Tragedy's album Destined For Anything

DJDark41 » Posted 5/23/07 9:05:00PM

Just downloaded some new Buckethead songs. Guitar Hero 2 version of Jordan(wicked solo included,) Too Many Humans, Welcome To Bucketheadland, Nottingham Lace and a few others. I've also been listening to some songs by bands that Chuck Schuldiner(RIP) was involved with, Death, Voodoocult and Control Denied. Probably one of the best(if not the best)guitar players I've ever heard.

Svartorm » Posted 1/24/07 8:41:00PM

Chuck was the man and I loved Death.

I've been on a gangsta rap and grunge kick for some reason. Some notables:

Bone-Thugs and Harmony - First of da month
Lil' Jon - Stop ****** wit me
Three Six Mafia - Hit a motherfucka
N.W.A - Natural Born Killas

Down - Stone the Crow
Soundgarden - Burden in my Hand
Mad Season - River of Deceit
Paw - Jessie

All brave men with hearts of war, ride the path of mighty Thor.

DREAM 1 - 2nd in Pts
Cage Rage 23 - 6th in Pts
Secondary League Season 3 - 12th in Pts
Secondary League Season 7 - 16th in Wagers
Primary League Season 7 - 26th in Wagers
Secondary League Season 6 - 30th in Pts
Secondary League Season 1 - 31st in Pts
Primary League Season 6 - 39th in Wagers
Secondary League Season 7 - 41st in Pts

Fanboy 1988 » Posted 4/18/07 10:12:00AM

King Harvest- Dancing in the moonlight

Flyfree » Posted 8/30/07 4:35:00AM

Anything by Metallica.

DoTheMMAth » Posted 12/26/06 1:28:00PM

Straight to Video by Mindless Self Indulgence


Stickan » Posted 1/27/07 8:02:00AM

Apartment 26 - Backwards

Fanboy 1988 » Posted 4/18/07 10:12:00AM

Misfits- the forbidden zone

zephead » Posted 1/16/07 5:32:00PM

The Mighty Zep - Ten Years Gone

"To me the records were just a starting point," recalls John Paul Jones, "The most important thing was always the stage show. So many great nights. At our worst we were still better than most. At our best we could just wipe the floor with the lot of them. It was just a very good live band."

nycpunk88 » Posted 6/25/07 6:53:00PM

Fort Minor - Remember The Name
Fort Minor - Believe Me
T.I. - Big Shit Poppin
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows

Stickan » Posted 1/27/07 8:02:00AM

Sevendust - Live Again

Havoloc » Posted 9/18/07 9:20:00AM

System of a Down - Soldier Side

tlangley » Posted 9/23/07 8:34:00PM

Cladrix » Posted 7/29/07 3:17:00AM

Mouth for War - PANTERA!!!!!!!

R.I.P Dimebag Darrell Abbott..... the best Metal Guitarist Ever!!!!

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