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Does fighting at home make a difference?
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Yes- In a positive way 13 72%
No difference 5 28%
Yes - IN a negative way 0 0%
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JBatch » Posted 3/28/07 1:19:00AM

With the UFC comming to Canada I just want to know how much I can expect from the Canadian fighters many are underdogs but could the home crowd give them the edge??? Or will it be a detriment that causes them to gas after an explosive first round???

I just want to know if the fact these guys are at home alters your picks at all or does skill and past record overrule any home "ice" advantage???

chubbud22 » Posted 1/22/07 5:21:00PM

It could either help you or hurt you. Some guys cant take the pressure of fighting in front of their friends and family, and some guys thrive on that kind of pressure.

CantAndleDaRiddum » Posted 12/14/07 5:25:00PM

what if the guy fighting at home is fighting a guy who loves being the underdog & loves being rooted against?

no difference IMO. im sure it helps some, hurts others, but pretty sure there's no difference overall

Evilwig » Posted 10/20/07 10:18:00PM

I think it could intimidate a opponent who already has a lack of confidence or he's in doubt before the fight.
But I don't think it is a decisive factor for the already popular fighter like GSP because the crowd reaction will be likely to the one he recive, let's say in vegas...

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hook_tothe_body » Posted 3/28/07 10:13:00PM

I voted yes it does make a difference, but it always depends on the fighter. Fighting in your home town/country when you usually don't, you'll most likely have to do a lot more interviews, more media coverage, etc., and that could be a bad thing.

On the other hand, I'm sure some people love the attention, love fighting in front of their friends and family.

But when it comes down to it, a fight is a fight, anything can happen.

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