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Frankie Edgar – Laying it on the Line   [View Full Version]
RMFG_187 » Posted 6/25/07 4:06:00AM

Motivation. It comes in different forms for different people in vastly different situations. For rising lightweight star Frankie Edgar, it can hit him on his daily drive to the gym.

“You drive past a construction site and it’s raining and its cold out, and I don’t want to be there,” laughs the former union plumber, whose success in the UFC in the past year has allowed him to put his day job to the side and become a full-time fighter.

And every time he gets reminders of the rigors of the 8 to 4 life in the plumbing business, he works that much harder in the gym so he won’t have to return there. But to him, fighting isn’t work.

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Sir_Karl » Posted 9/7/07 9:27:00PM

He's a great fighter....I would like to see him knock Huerta down a rung or two.

billycarnage » Posted 7/30/07 3:23:00PM

I like Grey Maynard but I want Frank to win. I hope it is a war.

RMFG_187 » Posted 6/25/07 4:06:00AM

lets just hope they Gray doesn't bump his head again

quezocrema0032 » Posted 7/15/07 12:46:00AM

kinda worried about this fight now when this came out i was like hes taking a step back in competiion but now seeing how much bigger gray is and seeing how edgar might even think hes the worse wrestler of 2 is making me worry =/

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