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Fedor a free agent? Not so fast.   [View Full Version]
Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM


On Thursday, new cracks appeared in M-1 Global’s façade. Apy Echteld, a co-manager of Fedor Emelianenko and development executive in the upstart promotion, confirmed to ESPN’s Ryan Hockensmith that the top-ranked fighter and M-1 would be separating next week.

Emelianenko was M-1’s first talent acquisition when the consortium of Russian and American promoters came together in October of 2007.

The report on also stated that both Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White and Echteld would be open to discussions concerning the possibility of having Emelianenko face UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture in the Octagon.

M-1 President and CEO Monte Cox, however, was adamant that the Russian superstar is still a part of his promotion. “As of right now, M-1 Global and Fedor are still working together,” he told

Cox declined to comment about the ESPN article, but said M-1’s plans were still underway for its first event on American soil, a June 14 card at the Sears Center in the Chicago area, still expected to feature Emelianenko. The show has been rescheduled from a May 3 date at the Allstate Arena, also in the Chicago area.

M-1’s first venture with Emelianenko, a co-promotion with Fight Entertainment Group and other Japanese promoters on New Year’s Eve, was a success according to Cox. Since then, rumors of difficulties between the American and Russian factions of the partnership have persisted.

“But as of now, Fedor still belongs to M-1 Global,” stated Cox.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

lmao at everybody who got there hopes up. I knew this was too good to be true. Just just signed the freakin contract in November or October.

snakeplissken » Posted 2/17/07 4:55:00PM

Hmmm Monte Cox manager of many a MMA fighter with most of them in the UFC. Randy's getting nowhere with his release... Fedor could be a free agent...

Dana signs Fedor, Randy stays, 3 superfights in HW division...

I smell a rouse by Dana... Good on him.

Although it's probably more likely if Fedor goes anywhere it would probably be DREAM. But never say never.

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

Randy smashes Fedor and walks away. or face big nog.

or fedor wins and faces big nog.

Kugel » Posted 8/13/07 10:42:00AM

Randy can't beat Fedor or Big Nog....let alone smash Fedor.

Red-Dragon » Posted 6/23/07 8:48:00AM

Posted by Kugel

Randy can't beat Fedor or Big Nog....let alone smash Fedor.

I dissagree, Randy can beat all the above when at his best

scoozna » Posted 1/25/07 12:53:00PM

Since he's not commenting on the ESPN article, he's not denying it. And the use of the "at of now" phrase sounds like a further qualification.


TNunley » Posted 7/30/07 4:03:00PM

Posted by Kugel

Randy can't beat Fedor or Big Nog....let alone smash Fedor.

Care to elaborate on why Randy "can't" beat either of them?

jakeiceman » Posted 4/24/07 5:18:00AM

Randy not only could but WOULD smash Fedor...especially if it happens with UFC rules. Fedor is a great striker but is sloppy as hell, Randy is not really known as one of the best strikers, but he definately does not suck in that department. Fedor does have a big edge in submissions, but lets face it, Randy really isn't that easy to submit. He has been defeated 4 times due to submission but that was a very very long time ago. He has definately gotten better at his submission defense and is one the best ground and pounders around. If this happens I see him being able to avoid the tap and hold Fedor on the ground where Fedor will eat a ton of elbows and that baby face of his would be a bloody mess...but who cares what I think I'm no expert but god I hope this fight happens!!

jomatty » Posted 7/13/07 9:07:00AM

even randy doesnt think that it is a foregone conclusion that he beats fedor so i dont know why all of you guys do. anything can happen and randy is a super game competitor but there is no way he wins this fight more than 1 out of 4 times imo.

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