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Who has the best fight shorts?
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Tapout 8 25%
Sprawl 12 38%
Koral 2 6%
Clinch Gear 5 16%
Warrior Wear 5 16%
Premeir Fighter 0 0%
What are the best fight shorts?   [View Full Version]
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SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

I wear crazy Hawaiian shorts with no pockets and love it!
Everyone wears them type of shorts man just buy what you feel comfy in.

But when I'm practicing my BJJ i wear sprawl ones so i'd go with them.

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Salty » Posted 8/7/07 1:45:00PM

I really like the new Grip-flex sprawl shorts, pretty cool idea with the rubber/plastic on them to help hold on to a guy when hes really slippery and what not.

saarbel » Posted 2/1/12 12:42:00PM

I Found this new post about mma shorts the last post there I saw was talking about mma fight shorts, tell me if it helps.

decken » Posted 8/20/07 11:53:00AM

I just had one comment about sprawl shorts. They don't hold up as well as other brands. I have had two pair of sprawl and on both of them the Velcro wore out. I have had my clinch gear shorts for over 2 years now and have had no issues.

arcane_mma_sa » Posted 4/30/12 5:10:00PM

I'd say clinch gear too - but would also mention that their are a huge amount of brands out there not listed, Venom and Bad Boy being two of them.

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