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Who's got the best chin In MMA
Forum Opinion Poll
Big Nog 6 18%
Chuck Liddell 3 9%
K. Fujita 2 6%
M. Hunt 16 47%
Gomi 2 6%
Other 5 15%
Best chins in MMA-POLL   [View Full Version]
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DoTheMMAth » Posted 12/26/06 1:28:00PM

Hunt-Cabbage, close tie, voted for Hunt.

I'm a firm believer that Chuck does not have a good chin (although he's one of my favorites). I think it is Chuck's recovery time that is so phenominal, not his chin. He gets over a heavy shot so quickly that you almost would think that he can take it, just IMHO though


OB_Juan » Posted 1/25/07 10:52:00PM

It's easily between Hunt and Nog. Both took LHKs from Mirko and won their fights. Nog got dropped on his ass by it and was saved by the bell. Hunt was barely phased after taking several of them. Hunt is my choice.

EEKS » Posted 2/15/07 4:06:00AM

Nog by a long shot hes been hit hard sooo many times and sometimes he barely flinches, like vs barnett, mirko, fedors killer ground shot right to the chin and he barely reacted, some would have gone through the ring with that one.

BrAeDeN91 » Posted 2/5/07 6:13:00PM

i agree totally with loller90278

THE_AXE_MURDERER » Posted 1/24/07 7:35:00PM

I have to go with Ironhead Fujita
Big Nog is awesome too

OB_Juan » Posted 1/25/07 10:52:00PM


I have to go with Ironhead Fujita
Big Nog is awesome too

Compare Fujita's fight w/ Wand to Hunt's fight w/ Wand. Nuf said.

shawneth » Posted 1/24/07 5:49:00PM

Although I have not seen enough of his fights to say he has the best chin... Drew McFedries showed a crazy good chin against Sakara. Wow Sakara his him with some hard shots and never dropped him. It is to my opinion that his chin won him that fight. That being said he is a potential candidate for the futur "Greatest Chin Award"

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