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Congrats to Team Valcom! Season 2 HW Champs!   [View Full Version]
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TequilaMan2000 » Posted 1/24/07 6:10:00PM

Congrats to Team Valcom and their phenomenal win this season!

You guys took hold of 1st place early, and never let go. You have a strong team, and we look forward to competing with you again as we go into the next season and beyond. You are our finest opponents.

Congrats from all of us at the War Room Warriors (#2 HW team this season!). You won fair and square, and even though we had a Hail Mary that nearly came through for us, you played it safe and still bet and won decisively.

Onto Season Three, which I am unofficially calling "Season 3: The Rubber Match"

TequilaMan2000 (leader of the War Room Warriors)

Franklinfan47 » Posted 5/20/07 4:03:00PM

Thats mighty big of ya man, thanks.

Sticksta13 » Posted 1/24/07 3:18:00PM

Thanks man,

Glad to see you guys come back and finish a strong second!!

Hopefully both camps will be back in the top 2 next season

seavillebri » Posted 7/5/07 8:29:00AM

thanks man! season 3 in a couple of weeks!

originalconspiracy » Posted 7/27/07 4:40:00PM

thanks man we appreciate it

D-Boy » Posted 1/26/07 8:17:00PM

Thank you

t-dizzle » Posted 1/24/07 9:32:00PM

syon » Posted 1/31/07 2:32:00PM

thanks, man.

titlefight » Posted 1/24/07 10:58:00PM

Great season guys! Much respect! You guys made it fun and gave us something to worry about while demanding our respect! Good stuff!

CowPie » Posted 4/26/07 8:52:00PM

You guys rocked this season, but don't sit on your fur balls for too long because we're coming back hard in 2008.

BTW, if you happen to see Terry Martin give him a big thank you for us.

GregA » Posted 7/29/07 2:38:00AM

Good job VC

Hope to see you at the top of the heap in season 3

wrestler189 » Posted 1/29/07 9:08:00PM

congrats. im happy that there is good competition. makes the league a lot more fun.


Mithra » Posted 6/19/07 5:38:00PM

Congrats on the victory

Darwinist » Posted 1/25/07 7:19:00AM

Congrats to the Valcom leadership and the team as a whole. Crossing swords with you is a whole lot more fun even in defeat than trouncing the OT trannies.

We made some critical errors early on in the season, compounded by some major-league unlucky betting(may you rot in hell Terry Martin), but we will be prepared for season three, so prepare for the proverbial "it" to be brought quite severely.

the_Advocate » Posted 4/6/07 3:08:00PM

Congrats...we jus some lightweights in the game but...nice to see the big dogs doin it....respect.

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