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Savy » Posted 1/15/07 4:58:00PM

No disrespect taken. Two years is a long time and alot can change.
Still, Fedor 1st rd KO.

JunCTion » Posted 1/15/07 5:40:00PM

Posted by jmoooooo

fedor by whatever he wants.....

silva is a freakshow and i didnt see anything in this last fight that would put him in the same league as fedor. silva is too big/slow/awkward...i dont even think it would be an entertaining fight.......

and good for fedor saying he has to earn the right.....

i dont think silvia is in the same league with anybody in pridestop 5. big/slow/awkward is right. hell silvia could bring monson with him and they still couldn't beat fedor. by the way i just watched pride 21 and fedors first match (against semmy schilt) and he did pretty damn good against someone 10 inches taller and 30 lbs heavier

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