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Whos winnings at UFC 79
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Matt Hughes 32 25%
GSP 94 75%
Who u taking for Hughes vs GSP III ?   [View Full Version]
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Rush » Posted 1/31/07 10:42:00PM

Posted by Cobbs666

dont think this should be the main event but whatever...

Does it really matter what the main event is? As long as the fight happens that's all that matters to me.

gsquat » Posted 11/15/07 5:00:00PM

GSP v Hughes is the main event because its an interim title fight. The only one of the night. Its still not the most hyped fight on the card (Liddell v Silva).

I'm takin' Hughes in this one. I like his level of confidence (he picked GSP to fight). I think he'll make the adjustments required to beat him this time.

evilpimp » Posted 11/22/07 8:36:00AM

i'm going to have to say gsp ko in round 1

backruner » Posted 11/29/07 4:46:00AM

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Both Hughes vs GSP fights have been posted, 1 & 2

CornishMMA » Posted 2/27/07 10:43:00AM

Thought id TTT this thread as it supercedes new ones created

Hey Hughes fans - at least he isnt with a underdog bonus on here anymore, more than 20% are picking him now

I just think its clear that GSP has more ways to win, neither will sub each other, but GSP has a huge edge in striking, and the edge in wrestling as well .................... DISAGREE? Well Hughes couldnt take GSP down, GSP caught a kick and took Hughes down, and then look at how GSP sprawled and took Kos down!

SexPanther » Posted 10/15/07 9:43:00PM

i think gsp wins this fight.

I dont think he will be as dominant as before but i think he will come in there prepared and take care of buisness by ko.

ikesmith » Posted 9/22/07 12:21:00PM

yup i agree

CantAndleDaRiddum » Posted 12/14/07 5:25:00PM

<---------Check AV for pick to win. Check Screenname for reason why

elevatemytesties2 » Posted 12/22/07 4:42:00PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM

GSP by Unanimous Decision. Like ChokeUout said. Hughes was kicked in the nuts 3 times and he was playing GSP's game by keeping it on the feet. Bad mistake. I still think GSP will win but I don't think he stops Hughes unless he catches Hughes with a knee as he shoots. I still think GSP will win on the ground just because his overall grappling is so much better then Hughes wrestling.

Why is everybody thinking GSP is a better wrestler then Kos? Kos didn't even train wrestling for that fight. He was expecting to bang it out on his feet and he suffered the consequences for it but I think in a wrestling match Kos beats GSP. But anyway back on topic.

I think GSP will be more active on his back and win on the feet to earn him a Unanimous decision Even though I will be rooting for Hughes since I gained a whole lot of respect for him over the TUF6.

obviously you need to watch the fight again, he didn't get hit in the nuts three times, it was two but Matt Hughes admitted after the fight that the second one didn't even hit him in the nuts, it struck a nerve and his leg gave out. Even though he tried to play it off as a nut tap, he admitted it afterwards. Reguardless to whether or not you think Kos is a better wrestler, him and GSP fought and GSP completely outwrestled him. But other than that I agree that GSP will win a much harder fought fight this time then their second visit

matinbomby » Posted 11/14/07 9:17:00PM

hughes get is ass kicked hes had is day. gsp hugery he will do the bizz.

matinbomby » Posted 11/14/07 9:17:00PM


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