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Spencer Fisher looks to take more strategic approach at UFC 78   [View Full Version]
grappler0000 » Posted 3/24/07 5:29:00PM

At 31, Spencer (The King) Fisher isn't ready to slow down. But the mixed martial arts fighter does want to play it smart against lightweight Frank (The Answer) Edgar on Saturday night at UFC 78 in Newark, N.J.

In the past Fisher has thrown punches, kicks, knees and caution into the wind. It's made for entertaining fights, but it has also put Fisher (21-3) under undue pressure at times.

"I'm going to try to change things up for this fight," Fisher said in an interview.



MeanGreene » Posted 1/15/07 8:34:00PM

How the hell did cashiers get 2 stoplights!? In la grange NC we still only got 1. Spencer sounds ready and im sure this going to be a good one. I cant root against The King but Edgar sure can fight and im not sure who takes this one! I really want to see Fisher and BJ Penn fight...been waiting to long for that to happen.

wrona666 » Posted 6/21/07 3:31:00PM

Posted by MeanGreene

I really want to see Fisher and BJ Penn fight...been waiting to long for that to happen.

BJ would submitt Fisher in the first round.......not a good match for Spencer.....

markzabin » Posted 9/25/07 7:05:00PM

Fisher's new strategy is being on his back and getting pounded

bullettdodger » Posted 8/26/07 10:38:00PM

Don't really care what any of you say, Fisher is a gamer and when you have two gamers like BJ and Spencer in the octagon together, as we all well know anything can happen. I hope Spencer Fisher demolishes the edge and moves on to his next fight. Spencer Fisher has given us great fights over the years such as Fisher vs Stout (1 &2), Fisher vs Reiley where Spencer broke Reiley's Jaw, and his crazy flying knee to Matt Weinman's head (i think thats who it was its been a while since i've seen that one). To disrespect a man of Spencer Fisher's caliber as you have done above with your comment about his "game plan" is just uncalled for and unnecessary. I'm 90% percent sure that if you were put into the the octagon for anyone for five minutes your strategy would be to lay there and get punched in the face.

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