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Travis Lutter: "I can beat Anderson Silva."   [View Full Version]
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wolfgarnaud » Posted 6/28/07 2:37:00AM

Travis Lutter recently sat down with for an interview. Below is an interesting excerpt:
Lutter On Anderson Silva:

I really think I can beat Anderson Silva. I made a mistake during the fight and as far as the weight cut. I don't want to take anything away from Anderson's win. I made a mistake in the fight and got caught and I don't think I would make it again. I'd like to fight him again. I think I could take him down and impose my game the way I was. I'd really like to get another shot at Anderson. I think stylistically, I match up a lot better than most of the middleweights in the world with him.

youknowit » Posted 9/20/07 6:29:00AM

I think he can. 100 percent

wrona666 » Posted 6/21/07 3:31:00PM

I think stylisticly he does match up good with Silva, but i dont see him winning that fight...........but anything is possible...........

fullfighting » Posted 6/26/07 8:31:00PM

Lutter showed his style in the first fight and he got his ass kicked by a much better fighter. Its easy to sit in an interview and say yeah i think I can beat Anderson. The bottom line is you were given the opportunity to beat Silva and you didn't make weight and then you got dominated in the ring. Now you just want to be given another title shot. NO, you have to win a couple of fights against good fighters and work your way back up to Silva. Also, Lutter isn't a big draw and he's a little boring.

tuvok500 » Posted 6/21/07 3:07:00PM

Franklin was telling the same thing before his second fight against Silva !!

he made a mistake in the first fight and he was thinking that it was going to be able to beat Silva and bla bla bla !!!

the result was almost a copy and paste of the first fight !!

NME » Posted 2/5/07 11:28:00PM

He's the fighter that's come closest to doing so this year. Of course, ultimately Lutter was beaten at his own game, which is Anderson's "weakness."

But no, you see, Lutter cannot beat Silva. Not because Lutter lacks skill, but because he cannot make weight. Thus, he is mired in the Ryan Jensen sweepstakes for the foreseeable future.

wolfgarnaud » Posted 6/28/07 2:37:00AM

i really dont see it happening,
but uhm....
did he lost the opportunity to fight Silva for the second time?

wapttn » Posted 6/27/07 11:03:00PM

Just because you think you can beat the champ, or think that you matchup well stylistically doesnt mean that you should be given the opportunity. The champ is the champ because he's beaten everyone on his way up to the top, and is beating those who have done the same. You have to earn that opprotunity. Unless they have another TUF 'comeback', lutter will never make it that far

low-blow » Posted 8/7/07 8:56:00PM

Travis did do a better job on silva than anyone in the ufc, but I think silva would beat him again he looks better and better every fight.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Lutter is just trying to get people to pay him some attention by talking some smack. He definately needs a couple (3 finishes) wins before the chance comes again.

SpiderSilva » Posted 7/10/07 6:44:00PM

Lets see he made a mistake and got caught well isnt that what happens when you get Tapped or Ko'ed you get caught well thats what happened to him he got caught and he may never get a shot again.

He sill lost....... oh yeah even if he did win Silva would still be the Champ

11-7 av bets

He's been known to cure narcalepsy by just walking into a room. His orgin donation card list his beard. He is a lover not a fighter but he's also a fighter so don't get any idea's he is SpiderSilva I'm the baddest man alive

Shawn17 » Posted 7/8/07 11:47:00AM

lutter was doing very well against silva, i think if he learns how to cut weight correctly hes got a real good chance.

rcg916 » Posted 3/20/07 3:54:00PM

He had his chance, but didnt take it seriously. Now he wants another chance?


MALICE » Posted 9/17/07 10:04:00PM

Lutter hasn't fought since his fight with Silva. If he wants a rematch, why doesn't he get back in the ring and fight? He needs to prove he is worthy, by beating some top opponents. And after his last showing, he has quite a few fights ahead of him before he will get his chance. If he can prove he deserves it, I would be happy to watch him fight Silva again. Lutter was doing a decent job on the ground. Even mounted. But then it looked like he pussed out, and got submitted. Earn it.

NatedawgThaM » Posted 6/25/07 5:46:00PM

No way...Anderson is a monster and TOO BEASTLY!!!!

He would pick him apart on the feet and no way Lutter keeps him down since Anderson has been improving SO much...I don't give him a chance!

Maybe in a food eating contest!!!

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