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themmadigest » Posted 8/19/07 8:01:00PM,tuf102507.article

Well, it's now week 6 and Team Serra is up 4-1. One more win and Serra gets control of the quarter final picks. We pick Ben Saunders to fight Dan Barrera and are confident that we will get our 5th win. No one on our team is convinced of Dan's skills, as we couldn't find much information on him. As far as we knew, he only had 1 MMA fight and a few boxing matches. He was strong as an ox and had unbelievable energy, but we thought Ben was too well-rounded for Dan and would pick him apart or submit him.

Dan Barrera was quite hyper-active and had endless energy. He was a funny guy and a little crazy too. It looks like getting picked made him a little extra "energized". He was beating up his training partners and teammates, but Hughes had an answer for that. Hughes took Dan and had shown him what is was like to get beat up. It was quite funny now that I seen it. Team Serra only heard about it at the house. The bad news was that Dan hurt his hand and it swelled up like a balloon. Team Serra seen it, but had no idea what was going on. We were told it may have been a bug bite, but no big deal. We all compared it to a cartoon-like hand. It's was HUGE! But, the doctor cleared him and he was able to fight.

We have more drama from home this week, and this time it's Barrera. He gets a call from home and his wife was hospitalized. They were in a car accident a couple weeks before Dan left for the show and if memory serves me correctly, it was some type of relapse from that. Dan was determined to complete the show, as he knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime and he was going to see it through. His wife was alright and she was in his thoughts.

As for me, I'm continuing to try and get back in shape and just staying low key. I did my best to stay out of house politics and just worry about the task at hand…the show. I was always on the lookout for time alone. "Solitude", what a strange concept in this house. It's really one of those things you never think about until you lose it. With all the guys and cameras everywhere it was really tough to find alone time, but I did my best. At night, when everyone was sleeping or chilling out in the house, I would head out to the sauna for time alone to think and just relax. No guys and no cameramen. I would think about home a whole lot and just clear my mind. I really enjoyed and looked forward to that 45 minutes a day, as they were my 45 minutes…

Once again, both fighters make weight, which has not been an issue all season. The fight was much more exciting that anyone thought it would be. Dan Barrera showed a lot of heart and hung in there. I think the only people that were let down by this fight not going to a 3rd round, were the fans. I agree with the decision and feel that Ben won the two round fight. This is not boxing, and a knockdown does not automatically give you the round. Scoring is based on effective striking, grappling and octagon control. I feel that besides that knockdown, Ben controlled the action. If anything, that first round could have been a draw. Ben clearly won the 2nd round and Dan was actually running away from him and taking a lot of shots to the head. A 3rd round would have been bad for Barrera if you ask me, but would have been nice for the fans. Yes, Ben was on my team, but I honestly believe it was a good decision. Dana gave both guys the win bonus for the effort anyway.

Well, Team Serra now has control of the quarter final picks and Hughes is upset. He continues to bash his team and blame everything on them. I don't think he understands that we are all up and comers and this is the biggest event of our lives. There is a lot going on in our heads and I don't think anyone is performing to their utmost, but we are all trying. I don't agree with the way he handles it, but I wasn't on that team, so whatever…

Until next time my friends…

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