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Detailed Recap Of UFC Press Conference   [View Full Version]
Muay-Thai » Posted 10/21/07 7:23:00PM

The following is a detailed recap of the UFC press conference held today in Las Vegas and streamed online via with UFC president Dana White, company owner Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC's CFO John Mulkey. The recap was written by's Matt Boone.


McBee » Posted 4/15/07 3:21:00AM

I am listening to this and it makes Randy look really bad, they have all of the accounting numbers even when Randy cashed the checks. They could sue him for defamation and win easily, and he looks liek he is totally renegging because he won his last two fights. I understand that he wants health insyurance and more pay for new fighters but he should have no qualms about his personal compensation. A 40 something fighter asking for 500K signing bonus and an immediate title shot after loses his last two fights and going up a weightclass is riduculous but not as crazy as him renegging on that contract and calling it a crappy contract.


Randy is acting in a movie with the Rock and coming back like Scott Boris is his manager. HE HAS GONE HOLLYWOOD!

scoozna » Posted 1/25/07 12:53:00PM

The whole thing stinks. Randy looks bad and the UFC looks petty and like they want to crush any negative press.

I don't see a way that this can be turned around to help the sport.

The message I'm getting is that the UFC believes they are doing right by the fighters...

Ultimately, they may have treated Randy fairly. That doesn't mean fighter pay is where it needs to be though.


Leland » Posted 4/24/07 11:10:00AM

I think the pay is fine. they are a new-ish company. boxing didnt pay millions when they were first out either. UFC has to grow to a certain level before they can start offering fighters huge salaries. for the couple years they have been out, i think their fighters have a nice salary for how young the company is. some maybe not so much being unknown and such, but if they do well, when their contract is renewed, they normally get bonuses and a nice addition in their numbers. Sure they go out there and put their health at risk, but until the company thrives for many more years they will get paid nearly the same. Fight bonuses have raised by 15k or so in the years. i think ti used to be 20-25k bouses for submission if night, ko, etc. last PPV was up to 40k i believe. That tells you that they are growing in a way where they can start to raise salaries/bonuses.

My opinion is most of the b*tching is from the fighters who arent doing much to prove themselves. If they are proving themselves, wait til next contract renewal to see a nice raise of pay. Randy is a great guy love to watch him fight, but he has not made the same success like Liddell has. He has had some surprising fights as of recent, but before that he is not as impressive as others. Chuck earned his salary, Randy is making what he has earned. I dont know why hes getting mad about it. If Zuffa is lying to him, big deal. Its none of his business what other fighters earn compared to him. Hes an employee for Zuffa. When you are an employee for a company, do you go around whining how Jim Johnson is making more money than you?

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