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UFC vs MMA. Who's winning?   [View Full Version]
wolfgarnaud » Posted 6/28/07 2:37:00AM

Are you a fan of mma (mixed martial arts) or are you a fan of the UFC? I’m a fan of mma first, and UFC second. My level of appreciation for the UFC comes from their ability to showcase “A” level fighters competing against one another. I can watch any kind of mma though. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s in a UFC cage or another organization’s ring, but not everyone views this sport with the same eyes as mine. The UFC has become “the thing” of today, but what were to happen to mma in North America if the UFC became a thing of the past?

Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

UFC is there something I'm missing?

chokesetterjake » Posted 6/28/07 5:20:00PM

UFC is the top fighters of mma, and there are thousands of other smaller organizations for the "not so good" or "up and comming" fighters

natedogstyles » Posted 10/10/07 8:27:00PM

MMA, I don't care about any of the organizations, except the now defunct pride. I just like to see good MMA, and right now the UFC is providing the highest talent.

TNunley » Posted 7/30/07 4:03:00PM

Sounds to me the author of this article is biased against UFC.

People he knows doesn't like IFL.... that must mean that MMA isn't big... people must only watch the UFC.

Calling Fedor the greatest heavyweight in the world... obvious bias.

Obviously it's silly to say that MMA isn't the fastest growing sport, just that the UFC is the fastest growing company. What if the Zuffa sold the Ultimate Fighting Championship, started selling hotdogs, and the name of the UFC was changed to Ultimate MMA? I think it would have little to do with who watched the events as long as Spike kept broadcasting about it.

Obviously the UFC is the mainstream most certainly because they have the best fighters in every weight class. I don't mind watching Elite XC, WEC, HDNet, etc. but the reason I like the UFC best is due to the caliber of their fighters. Those organizations have many decent fights, but then again alot of them also have the fights where two guys lower their heads and just start swinging for the fences (metaphorically), gassing out before the end of the first round. If I wanted to see fights like that, I could take a road trip to KC.

The most obvious reason behind why the UFC is so big is due to marketability. There isn't a subscription for any sort of pay-tv (Cable/Dish) where I live that doesn't have SpikeTV even on the lowest price subscriptions. Where HDNet requires the purchase of an HD programming package ($25.00/month for me), and Showtime is a premium package as well ($10.00/month more). So obviously Spike is in far more homes than Showtime, HDNet, etc. The UFC has shows on Spike (TUF, UFN, UFC Unleashed, Countdown to..., Etc.) which keeps the UFC fresh on people's minds. It's all about marketability and talent... nothing about what the author's friends watch.

BTW, I will have to agree that the booing is rediculous. Even though I'm disappointed with some of the fights, it's rediculous to "Boo".

wolfgarnaud » Posted 6/28/07 2:37:00AM

i usually prefer to watch more the figthers and no the organization...

EliasG » Posted 10/20/07 12:55:00AM

I watch fighters and not the organization. ANyone see the last UFC PPV? BOOOORRRRING. It's not about the fact that it's UFC its the fighters making good fights that count.

I'm not buying the next UFC. I"m spending my money on the Hatton v. Mayweather fight and the Cotto v. Mosley fight. Then when Fedor fights Randy...I'l pay for that too.

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