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Exclusive: Elvis Sinosic: From Australia to England   [View Full Version]
nwowolfpack » Posted 9/22/07 2:56:00AM


PDG: Let’s talk a little Ultimate Fighter. You have trained with George Sotiropoulos from Team Serra. Without giving away any secret info; what does he bring to the show talent wise and can he win the UFC contract?
Elvis: Yes I have trained with George. I really can’t give anything secret away as I don’t know anything secret. George is a very talented fighter. The foundation of his skills comes from grappling, he is a BJJ Black Belt (which he received from John B Will, the same person I received mine from, who is a Machado black belt). So you know his ground work will be top notch. Not only have I trained with George, I also reffed one of his fights where he won the Australian Title in his weight Division. George is a very driven and determined competitor. He trains like he fights, hard. I think George has a very good chance of winning the contract. He’s my pick for the show.

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