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TKO 28 (Hioki/Hominick rematch)   [View Full Version]
ffforgottenx » Posted 1/25/07 8:56:00AM

havent heard anybody talking about this.. friday night, the 9th, is TKO28, with the rematch between hatsu hioki and mark hominick.. this is a hard one to call, but i think hominick is going to belt back, either by decision or KO mid/late fight.. any thoughts?

also on the card are sam stout, jonathan goulet, and sam guillet..
the full card looks like this..

- mark hominick (13-5) vs hatsu hioki (11-1-1) - FW championship
- sam stout (10-2-1) vs fabio holanda (4-4) - LW championship
- jonathan goulet (16-7) vs thomas schulte (13-5)
- samuel guillet (4-3) vs luke caudillo (10-6)
- stephane dube (3-1) vs james martinez (4-7)
- chris clements (3-1) vs david medd (2-1)
- steve claveau (4-6) vs jason st-louis (9-5)
- dave pariseau (5-2-1) vs martin grandmont (3-3)
- yves lemelin (0-1) vs daneil boissoneault (1-0)
- bob landry (0-0) vs david frasier (0-1)
- jean-francois bedard (0-0) vs joseph paquet (0-0)
- stephane pinet (0-1) vs sebastien gauthier (1-0)

Snacks » Posted 1/30/07 8:03:00PM

Hioki by pretty much any sub he wants.

madmarck » Posted 1/24/07 5:55:00PM

I thought Steve Vigneault was supposed to take on Goulet? Or is that at TKO 29?
I think Hominick wants the title back. He is fighting in TKO cuz he loves it not b/c of $$$. He wants that belt back i think he is just gonna have so much drive it might hurt him. He dominaties stand up and his GNP is good but he has been caught in some bad subs int he past. (like against Shane Rice the1)
But he can get outt some sick subs too (shane rice 2). If you watch his 2nd fight with Rice. Hominicki is on the bad end of a nasty armbar. He flips and rolls over then whips his arm out and jumpss up . Delivers two kicks to the thighs of Rice (still on his back) then Punches him in the face and KO's him.

I think Sam Stout got a hard fight on this card. Fabio Holaanda is a guy who fights at 170. And like Hominick Stout has been caught in subs by BJJ guys. Like Kenflo. Fabio is the Leader of BTT Canada in Montreal. He has sick Jiu Jitsu from what i hear. If Stout can avoid the sub he will win. Holanda doesnt have vey ground and pound. (he punched Rich Clementi in the face for 3 almost 3 rounds, then Rich simply flipped him over and punched him till the TKO). But if gets Stout on his back Sams best option is to hold Fabio down until the Ref stands them up.

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