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Genetik Smack-Down   [View Full Version]
zephead » Posted 1/16/07 5:32:00PM

“Some are born to build, to discover, to heal; and there are those born to fight.” These are the first words found on the website - a website created by three former Boise State wrestlers that are dedicating their lives to an industry whose once violent image is quickly becoming one of respect and admiration.


"To me the records were just a starting point," recalls John Paul Jones, "The most important thing was always the stage show. So many great nights. At our worst we were still better than most. At our best we could just wipe the floor with the lot of them. It was just a very good live band."

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Nice little article.

Zep, how the heck do you find this more obscure stuff?

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

Leland » Posted 4/24/07 11:10:00AM

He was born with news reporting genetics. its in his blood!

Lethal » Posted 6/8/07 5:05:00PM

Brock sounded really mature in that article...sounds like he's growing up. Yeah zep, how DO you find all this rare stuff.

loonytnt » Posted 7/9/07 11:43:00AM

zep is just that dam good

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