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Stickan » Posted 1/27/07 8:02:00AM

It seems I'm the only one to think that Jardines win over Forrest wasn't that impressive.
I think Forrest got the better of the stand-up until the knockdown and eventually kncok out. Sure there's no luck in the ring but I just feel Forrest would win that fight 7-8 times out of 10.

That's always why I think Rampage would beat up Jardine pretty badly. Sure he would make it a fight as he always does but I think it would be a pretty lop-sided decision or a TKO in the 3rd.

Thalzaar » Posted 1/27/07 8:16:00PM

I love both Rampage and Jardine as fighters. Jardine, however, doesn't have much of a standup defense and eats a lot of punches. Most of his fights he is always busted up, but he can take a good beating.

This would be a good matchup but I think Rampage would win.

Trapt1nw0nder » Posted 2/1/07 12:30:00AM

Rampage is the much better striker and i dont think Jardine ...i think Rampage is just a little better in everything....except for maybe kicks

JunCTion » Posted 1/15/07 5:40:00PM

you're right, but who else is coming up?
what i would really like to see is rampage / babalu or rampage / tito(i don't care if their friends and either does dana) the only problem is if one of them would win cause they just got their shots. and if chuck beats rampage who's next? what happens to the light heavyweight division? i definitely don't want to see another tuf the comeback

cowcatcher » Posted 1/16/07 1:02:00AM

interesting match up and would be fun to watch, but i think rampage gets fed a can as a tune up to getting chuck just to add hype to rampage for the TUF nuthuggers. jardine may end up being the one gettinig the shot at chuck because if rampage has 1 more tune up chuck is gonna have to fight someone in the meantime. if i had to pick a winner between the 2 i'd go with rampage, jardine's quality wins are against TUF guys who while promising, are no where near rampage in terms of experience and savvy.


JunCTion » Posted 1/15/07 5:40:00PM

then lets see rampage / rashad. chuck / jardine would be fine then they can do rashad / jardine to see where they stand.

aceprone » Posted 1/16/07 2:25:00AM

One thing that would test Rampage on this fight is how good Jardines take down defense. I know it's not the same par as churck's but it is very very close. So if Rampage can get through Jardines take down defense then Rampage could have a good chance against Chucks take down defense.

SICKRICK » Posted 1/15/07 9:20:00AM

i think jardine got really lucky vs. griffin.. i think rampage would kill the dean of mean.. i dont even think it should be booked but what the hell its just one more step to chuck

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BabbyHughes » Posted 1/31/07 7:19:00PM

It seems I'm the only one to think that Jardines win over Forrest wasn't that impressive.

I just think Forrest got caught, kind of like when Cro Cop got caught by Randleman, even though that's far more embarrasing.

I think Rampage beats Jardine standing and on the ground. Rampage has great head movement and better stand up imo. It would be a good fight to see.

jocksmall » Posted 1/18/07 6:04:00PM

i would like to see jackson vs evans more than jackson vs jardine but jardine would be interesting. rampage would win either fight. renalto vs rampage or tito vs rampage would be even better. those are match ups that we wont get in the ufc. they try to position fighters where pride gives us the best possible fights. but you are probably right dana will give us rampage vs a good reality star

roadking95th » Posted 1/17/07 2:43:00PM

I think the weight class is to the point where they are going to have to start feeding the rising stars to Liddell, Tito, Babalu, and Rampage. The only way the UFC loses out is if Tito and Babalu clear everyone out except Chuck, then we are back to square one. There is enough talent and potential, that a loss now will not drastically affect the rising stars' careers 18 months from now.

Let 'em all hammer each other and seperate the men from the boys!

jay98107 » Posted 1/24/07 6:50:00PM

I doubt this matchup will happen, but if it does, Rampage by first round TKO.

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