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Marcus Davis & Houston Alexander Earn Win Bonuses At UFC 75

Marcus Davis & Houston Alexander Earn Win Bonuses At UFC 75
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Marcus Davis has earned $80,000 in win bonuses for his fight at UFC 75, having been given awards for "Fight Of The Night" and "Submission Of The Night", both worth $40,000. Davis defeated Paul Taylor by submission (armbar). The award for "Knockout Of The Night", also worth $40K, went to Houston Alexander for his KO win over Alessio Sakara in 61 seconds.


Nice little bonus for the fighters considering their pay for the fight probably won't be that high. These awards UFC gives out are nice incentives for the fighters to go out and put on the best performance they can.

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Great job Marcus. You deserve it for the great win.

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what a way to start the night with Alexander

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I like the fact that they pay as much for submission of the night as they do for knockout.

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thats a lot i think i need to try and get some nice sub and KOs in my next fights lol

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