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Questionable verdict

Questionable verdict
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LONDON – Michael Bisping got a victory, but he was no winner on Saturday.

The records will show that Bisping raised his record to 14-0 with a split-decision victory over archrival Matt Hamill at UFC 75 before a sellout crowd of 16,235 at O2 Arena.

But Bisping handled himself with so little class afterward that his perception as one of the sport's good guys may have been shattered forever.

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Post #1   9/10/07 2:31:54PM   

Laying down the beats

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Sounds like Bisping shot himself in the foot.

Post #2   9/10/07 3:16:26PM   

Standup Guy

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Hamill did great he had more power in his punches and laid a beat down of the count. But he should have gone in for more takedowns (considering he easliy could take him down at will) and instead of letting him up he could worked on the ground.

Saying that I still think he should of won. Bisping was actually running away on his feet at one time. I don't get it. They need a actual fan to be at least one judge. And the one judge that scored it for Hamill was the british judge!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell.

Weird score but like I always say, thats why you can't let the fight go into the judges hands.

Post #3   9/10/07 3:21:37PM   


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i originally said that blaming the ufc for this decision makes no sense because the ufc doesnt appoint judges, apparently in this case i was wrong. Like he said, a rematch is a nobrainer (should be held in hamills home town this time), but I'd personally like to see a more progressive solution which would convince the ufc fans that measures are being taken to make sure that something like this never happens again.

Post #4   9/10/07 3:49:41PM   

MMA Sensei

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i say hammil need to start training, i see a rematch soon and i see hammil doing the same thing and winning this time

Post #5   9/10/07 5:53:19PM   
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