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i dont think were gonna see that same matt hughes

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i dont think were gonna see that same matt hughes
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Matt seems to get wiser with age. He realizes he cant be the best for much longer so this is his farewell tour. He has his gym opened ready to train fighters and become the next Pat Miletich of coaches.

I think he has about 3 fights left. A title win, a successful title defense, and then a loss to GSP maybe.

I havent always been a fan of his personality, but I am excited to see this one last push from him. He was a joy to watch and hopefully he finishes strong if that is indeed his plan.

Post #16   9/2/07 2:17:34AM   

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Posted by grappler0000

It's not a matter of switching camps...he's opening his own camp. He's making a business decision. He knows he will not be fighting for the rest of his life, and he's going down the same road as Miletich did a number of years back. It's the best time to make that sort of move. He's more or less a legend in the sport already as it is. The sport is blowing up and new talent will be looking for good gyms to train at. The upcoming Ultimate Fighter season will be a good opportunity for him to get good exposure for such a gym. I imagine the overwhelming success of Extreme Couture helps in making his decision that much easier. I agree with the statement that Matt has probably learned all that he can from MFS...and don't foget that you actually learn more from teaching others than from being taught. MFS is still a very good camp, but there are a lot of other great camps out there as well...ATT, AKA, Team Quest, Extreme Couture, and Greg Jackson's to name a few...and there are more sprouting up every day. I'm sure he would rather open a gym now than wait until there is an oversaturation of gyms in the U.S.

Exactly, but he says he will still train with MFS for the Serra fight, which i think Serra will win. Then he'll have plenty of time to get his new gym going.

Post #17   9/2/07 11:02:49AM   

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jgtribbett Avatar
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i would like to see him go to team quest or with courture.
he can stay with the wrestlers who around and "wrestler" ya know what i mean. there are plenty of teams out there. i just hope he picks that right one.. good luck to him i say!

Post #18   9/2/07 1:37:00PM   

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Posted by metal_mecca43
he can stay with the wrestlers who around and "wrestler" ya know what i mean.


Post #19   9/2/07 2:58:48PM   

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Yeah, cause training with the MFS team really helped him in the second fight against GSP...

Post #20   9/3/07 9:58:09AM   

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Ok, that is odd but i know whatever Hughes we have, he will be able to kick the crap out of Serra/

Post #21   9/3/07 10:06:03AM   

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being from Long Island and all i pray Matt Serra rips Matt Hughes' arm off

Post #22   9/3/07 1:42:26PM   

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since matt is opening his own gym, I won't be suprised if sylvia went with him. and Matt is the best person on militch. He left on great terms so, Im sure he could still go back and train with them sometime. its not like he's gonna stop bein part of that family.

Post #23   9/4/07 10:18:24AM   
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