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Drew McFedries Possibly Off UFC 77

Drew McFedries Possibly Off UFC 77
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There is staph going around at the Miletich school in Bettendorf, IA. Among those infected are UFC fighters Tim Sylvia, Drew McFedries and Spencer Fisher. Fisher has already had to pull out of his 9/19 Spike TV main event match with Din Thomas. UFC has just confirmed Kenny Florian as the replacement. McFedries is scheduled against Marvin Eastman on the 10/20 PPV show in Cincinnati and he's up in the air.


Man, this thing might take down everyone there. Hopefully it won't get to Matt Hughes. I know there are a few people who won't complain about Sylvia getting it though.

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i can't believe how this infection is going around the Miletich camp. i hope mcfedries doesn't have to pull out, that would really suck. he's a talented fighter. i'm PRAYING it doesn't get to matt hughes!!

Post #2   8/7/07 6:02:22PM   

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I care that Sylvia contracted this. He was rumored to fight Branden Vera. The only good that would come out of that is if they replace Sylvia with Arlovski. Now that would be a sweet fight.

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Ol' Pat needs to clean those damn mats!

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I'm giving Arlovski this one last chance against Vera, I loved him in his prime, and I don't blame him for becoming the type of fighter he has, losing your title can become very demoralizing. I'm not saying that his past x fights have been entertaining, but I am saying I have seen much worse fights than the fights with him. As for Sylvia, I don't want him to contract staph, because I want to see him get knocked out by Fedor or something (he turned down Fedor for a fight back when he was the champ) or possibly test positive for steroids again so they just won't let him come back. I respect his prime, but he's lost it.

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I heard Mcfedries was gonna be replaced with...ADCC champion Demian Maia

So in the Eastman vs Maia fight, i pick Maia by 2nd round sub

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