Joe Rogan: "Randy would maul Cro Cop..."

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I see a match between Randy vs. CC very similar as it was with Fedor vs. CC. Joe Rogan is actually smart, he's just a huge Couture fan for some reason.

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Posted by Piccosaur

I see a match between Randy vs. CC very similar as it was with Fedor vs. CC. Joe Rogan is actually smart, he's just a huge Couture fan for some reason.

Ok, lets get this straight.. Couture gets knocked out twice by Liddell who is a good striker with good takedown defense, Couture pretty much has NO chance whatsoever in the last 2 fights...

Now all of a sudden Couture is coming off a win against big Tim Sylvia and he is going to beat Cro Cop, who happens to be one of the best strikers in the world, with the best sprawl and one of the best takedown defenses in the game???

Chuck was obviously a bad match up for Randy the last 2 fights, his "game plans" in those fights failed, Cro Cop would be a nightmare for Couture he wouldn't even have to throw any kicks just sprawl, defend, and punch, with maybe the odd quick leg kick.

People are giving Couture way too much respect, Cro Cop would murder him, and he would murder Napao in a rematch.

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Posted by tye25

First of all, who cares what Joe Rogan says, he and Mike goldberg are both ******* idiots! Now, I must admit i was never a pride fan, just never got into it, so i'm not really that familiar with the figters. I heard a lot about Crocop before his UFC debut, but from what i saw, he looks pretty good, but i do beleive Randy would kick his ass. Crocop proved he's terrible on the ground, than for some crazy reason the ref stood him up, and than he got busted with his own specialty. Coture picked apart a much younger, taller, faster and probably stronger fighter in Sylvia, Coture is probably the best fighter to evr fight in UFC, well have to see how longhe can keep it up.

1rst. I think Joe ROgan is very knowledgable, and he may be right that Randy would beat Cro-cop . Or, and this is more likely to me, he was just caught up in the post fight excitement and exaggerated a little bit. Randy has never been known to maul anyone, and he is my favorite fighter, so I wish he would . He is great at clinching at little dirt boxing shots. He's good at throwing his hands to set up the takedown. He great at geeting the takedown, and he's great at controlling his opponents ( except Chuck) . He can be dominant( Belfort, Tito, Chuck 1, Mo Smith) , but in a more deliberate manner. I agree the stand up seemed premature, but the irony shows their is a comedic sense of justice to the universe sometimes. Last you admitted your not that familiar with Pride fighter's or Cro-cop, so do you think it's possible your opinion is not an informed one in this case? Cro-cop has been training with Werdum, who is one of the bets BJJ guys in MMA, for years now. I do think his inability to train in a cage, his unfamiliarity with elbows, and Gonzaga's super agressive GnP contributed to his mauling. SO while I don't agree that Randy would maul anyone, I think Gonzaga did maul him. Also, I think Cro-cop is training appropriately in a cage now , and has added Ricco to his team on the ground. I also think he will wup Kongo, and return to form as one of the top Heavyweights in the world. In conclusion I think I would like to see Couture/Cro-cop ,and I'm picking both to win their next fight , but Randy's a controller not a mauler.

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I agree with Rogan, taking some one down in the ring and in the cage are two different story's, and you cant even compare Mark C. to Randy he hasn't beaten any one good in the longest in the longest time, well ok hes got one good win if you count the Shogun incident, but other that that he last good win was over Don Fry in 2003, anyways he would beat the shit out of cro cop on the ground.

But I do see what you guy are saying about Rogan, I thought he's was over doing it when he was talking about GSP's lost to Serra, I mean Serra is no can his only loses have come form good fighters(with the exception of Shonie) he did win the TUF tournament, it wasn't an impressive Tourney but he won and proved he can hang with the big dogs but , yeah he was like 'it was a HUMILIATING defeat" come on it not like he lost to Tiki or to some cheap ass fighter

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One of the reasons why Rogan said Randy would maul Cro Cop is probably because Cro Cop was not taking the UFC seriously. Prior to his loss, he was still training in the ring and said there was no need to adjust. If you factor in that Cro Cop may underestimate Randy, then it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to see Randy "dominate" Cro Cop.

One of Randy's best traits is that he is a smart fighter, he comes to the fight with a good game plan and implements it to the tee. I know a lot of people are going to hate me when I say this, but I'm pretty sure Cro Cop expected the UFC to be a walk in the park for him compared to PRIDE.

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