Bernard Hopkins wins unanimous decision and retains IBO light heavyweight

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ROUND 1: Wright lands an early jab. They tie up inside and Hopkins throws to the body. They tie up again along the ropes. Crowd begins to boo lightly at the midpoint. Hopkins lands a decent right hand. Hopkins is moving side to side and Wright is coming forward. Wright lands a double jab. Short right inside by Hopkins. Wright gets in a left. They're locked up again and referee Robert Byrd talks to them. Hopkins' round, 10-9.

ROUND 2: Wright lands a jab and Hopkins connects with a short right. Wright lands two shots inside. Hopkins lands a counter combination and then hooks to the body. Left inside by Hopkins, then Wright goes to the body with a left. Wright has an abrasion above his right eye midway through the round. Good short left by Wright lands on the chin. Another left by Wright connects. Hopkins lands an uppercut insider and Wright flicks a jab. Crowd boos as they hold and Wright turns his back on Hopkins. Short left inside by Wright. Another left to the head by Wright. Hopkins lands a short right at the bell. Wright's round, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

ROUND 3: Wright is cut badly by accidental head butt only 18 seconds into the fight. Dr. David Watson examines the cut but lets the fight go on. Wright lands a left inside and Hopkins complains. Hopkins lands a right and Wright complains. Wright is throwing harder shots, seemingly with a sense of urgency due to the cut.

Counter right lands by Hopkins. Hard left inside by Wright. Short right from Hopkins again has Wright complaining to Byrd. Blood streaming down Wright's face. They trade on the ropes, each landing a good shot. Hopkins lands a right. Wright's round, 10-9 (29-28, Wright).

ROUND 4: Wright lands a left inside and smiles at Hopkins. Wright lands a jab followed by a left. Good right inside by Hopkins. Hopkins is trapped in a corner and Wright lands a right-left combination before Hopkins spins out. Pace has slowed a bit from third round.

Hopkins lands a lead right. Wright lands a counter left. Left-right by Hopkins. Hopkins using his head inside and is warned by Byrd. Wright lands a good left just before the bell. Wright's round, 10-9 (39-37, Wright).

ROUND 5: They're trading jabs in the first 30 seconds. Good short right inside by Hopkins. Wright misses over the top with a left. Blood has stopped on Wright's eye. Hopkins throws a left-right and Winky lands a good left down the middle. Combination by Hopkins. Crowd is getting into it finally. Combination again by Hopkins and then a straight right. Wright goes to the body for three scoring shots. They are leaning on each other doing nothing with 35 seconds left. Hopkins goes to the body.
Hopkins' round, 10-9 (48-47 Wright).

ROUND 6: Slow opening 30 seconds. Wright lands a jab. Hopkins gets a short right inside. Wright lands a chopping right to the head and Hopkins counters hard to the body. Another good right to the body from Hopkins. Combination to the body and head from Hopkins at the midpoint. Byrd separates them. He's very involved in the fight. Combination to the head from Hopkins.
Hopkins leans on Wright. Short right inside by Hopkins after a Wright left. Wright seems a little tired, breathing with his mouth open. They clinch in Hopkins' corner. Hopkins' round, 10-9 (57-57 overall).

ROUND 7: Crowd boos as there is little activity. They're clinching. Hopkins lands a hard right hand. Wright lands a left that backed Hopkins up. Two short rights inside from Wright. Booing intensifies as Byrd warns Hopkins for holding. Wright lands a left. Hopkins lands a combination and Wright gets in a good left. Hopkins is circling but not punching as much. Good right to the body from Hopkins. Left hand from Wright and Hopkins' shoeshines to the head. Wright lands a left as they bang heads. Wright is wrestled to the floor at the bell.
Wright's round, 10-9 (67-66, Wright).

ROUND 8: Wright is pawing at his eye. Hopkins lands a right inside. Good left by Wright in the corner. Hopkins is warned for using his head. Crowd saw it and is booing. Left by Wright. Wright lands a combination inside. Hopkins drops in a short right. They trade in the corner. Scattered boos again. Crowd picks up a chant of "Winky! Winky" Wright's round, 10-9 (77-75, Wright).

ROUND 9: The rounds are all excruciatingly close. The two clinch for probably the 1,000th time. Wright has a lot of grease on his eye from the corner. Hopkins lands a combination inside. Hopkins lands a right in the corner. Lead right by Hopkins and a left from Wright. Wright is trying to pick up the pace. Crowd begins to chant for Hopkins. Byrd is talking to Hopkins as they clinch. Right hand inside by Hopkins. Blood has begun to flow again from Wright's eye. The cut looks to have worsened. Byrd warns Hopkins again. Hopkins' round, 10-9 (86-85 Wright).

ROUND 10: Overhand right from Wright as round starts. They're fighting on the inside. Hard right from Hopkins. Pace picks up and Hopkins lands a right as Wright connects to the body. Good body shot by Hopkins. Referee again warns Hopkins. It can only be a matter of time before he deducts a point. Wright lands a chopping right but Hopkins goes to the body. Combination to the body by Hopkins seems to bother Wright. Hard right by Hopkins.
Good left by Wright. They clinch again. Hopkins' round, 10-9 (95-95 overall).

ROUND 11: They're battling inside in the center of the ring.
Byrd now talking to Wright. Good combination by Hopkins. Wright lands a left. Crowd booing as Wright complains about Hopkins' tactics. Hopkins bulls Wright to the ropes. Hopkins seems the fresher fighter with a minute left in the round. Wright connects with a stiff jab. Hopkins lands a combination. The difference now is Wright is throwing only one shot at a time. Hopkins another good inside combination, left to the body and then right-left to the head. Hopkins' round, 10-9 (105-104, Hopkins).

ROUND 12: Hopkins lands a good right to open the round. Again they're tied up. Stiff jab from Wright, but Hopkins bullies Wright to the ropes. Wright is complaining. Boos rain down from crowd. Wright goes to the body with a good shot. Hopkins lands a right that staggers Wright. Hopkins connects with another right and Wright is in trouble. Crowd is cheering for Hopkins. Many on their feet in the last minute. They're locked up inside. Wright's corner urging him to punch. Hopkins' left is swelling shut. They trade punches along the ropes as time winds down. Both throw their arms in the air at the bell. Hopkins' round, 10-9. Yahoo! Sports has this at 115-113, Hopkins.

Dave Moretti: 117-111, Hopkins

Glenn Trowbridge: 117-111, Hopkins

Glenn Hamada: 116-112, Hopkins.

Hopkins retains light heavyweight title.

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Looks like another big name, but boring fight for boxing...

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is b-hop ever going to slow down??? the guy is amazing, and the fight was pretty damn entertaining, im not sure how many buys there were, but the press conference scuffle probably helped out.


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the fight was better than i expected....Winky just wasnt himself though

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the fight was pretty good I did think Winky could have done a little better or thought he was better oh well Hopkins is still the man

11-7 av bets

He's been known to cure narcalepsy by just walking into a room. His orgin donation card list his beard. He is a lover not a fighter but he's also a fighter so don't get any idea's he is SpiderSilva I'm the baddest man alive

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Hopkins is very experienced veteran and he just knows how to win....Hopkins is the Randy Couture of boxing

its funny how Emanuel Stewart was saying they should both retire.....When just less than a year ago Winky gave Jermain Taylor a run for his money,if he didnt win the fight...

I think Winky still has some fights in him at 160,or 154

and Hopkins still has alot in him...i dont know what Stawart was thinking...thats the way Hopkins fights and it just looked a little akward because they are both akward fighters,and they are both the kind of fighters that make others look bad so it made for a akward fight,but still entertaining......It was a great night of fights

cant wait for Pavlik/Taylor...Marquez/Vazquez 2...J.M.Marquez/Barrios...Ouma/Mora..plus many more i dont have in mind right now....

some HOT boxing fights coming up this year!!!.....WAR BOXING!!!!

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