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With the new weight divisions coming to MMA the Heavyweight Division as we know it will soon change as many of the lighter heavys will likely drop to the new 220lb Cruiser Division.So i felt it appropriate to put togeter a greatest heavyweight list that represents from Mmas legalization to the current date in time.

#10)Alistair Overeem

(Career record)42-15,90% finish rate 19kos/19sub

(Accolades)K-1 2009/2010 World GP Champion,Strikeforce Hw Champion,DREAM Interim Hw Champion,Blue belt Bjj.

(Notable wins)Roman Zentsov,Igor Vovchanchyn,Sergei Kharitonov,Paul Buentello,Mark Hunt×2,Gary Goodridge,James Thompson,Kazuyuki Fujita,Brett Rogers,Todd Duffee,Fabricio Werdum,Brock Lesnar,Frank Mir,Stefan Struve,Roy Nelson,JDS,Arlovski.

Always mentioned as one of the deadliest strikers in MMA history his submission game is underated but equally effective as his even amount of kos and subs clearly state.From Pride and Strikeforce to the UFC overeem has proven to be a perennial contender and a championship level fighter as well as a legend in the sport.He is also my #10 Greatest Heavyweight.

#9)Frank Mir

(Career record)18-11, 78% finish rate 5ko/9sub

(Accolades)Black belt in American Kenpo,Black belt Bjj,UFC Heavyweight Champion.

(Notable wins)Pete Williams,Tank Abbott,Wes Sims ×2,Tim Sylvia,Antoni Hardonk,Brock Lesnar,Big Nog×2,Cheick Kongo,Mirco Crocop,Roy Nelson,Bigfoot Silva,Todd Duffee.

One of the deadlist groundgames in MMA HW history his submission wins over Lesnar and the Big Nog stick out as showcases of his slick yet powerful submission game.Later in his career he tuned up his striking and got a few Kos but its his ground work that put fear into opponents hearts.He is a legend of the sport and my #9 Greatest Heavyweight.

#8)Randy Couture

(Career record)19-11,58% finish rate 7ko/4sub

(Accolades)NCAA Division 1 wrestler,Olympic Greco Roman alternate,3× UFC Heavyweight Champion,Rings 2000 King of Kings semi finalist.UFC 13 HW Tourney champion.

(Notable wins)Vitor Belfort,Maurice Smith,Jeremy Horn,Kevin Randleman,Tsuyoshi Kohsaka,Pedro Rizzo×2,Tim Sylvia,Gabriel Gonzaga.

Truly the most Iconic Ufc Hw ever to fight Cpt.America evolved his game and became the most effective dirty boxer in the sport.Able to clinch,pummel,and break the will of his opponents randy didn't always finish but he always gave it his all.Most notably coming out of retirement to destroy the giant Hw champ tim Sylvia to become champ yet again.Undoubtedly one of the biggest legends in the sport and my #8 Greatest Heavyweight.

#7)Mirco Crocop

(Career record)35-11,91% finish rate,26kos/6subs

(Accolades)Black belt Tae Kwon Do,K-1 2012 GP Winner,Rizin OW GP Champion,IGF HW Champ,Pride 2006 OWGP winner.

(Notable Wins)Kazuyuki Fujita×2,Kazushi Sakuraba,Heath Herring,Igor Vovchanchyn,Ron Waterman,Aleksander Emelianenko,Josh Barnett×2,Kevin Randleman,Mark Coleman,Wanderlei Silva,Eddie Sanchez,Pat Barry,Satoshi Ishii×2,Gabriel Gonzaga,King Mo,Amir Aliakbari.

Hands down the most feared Hw striker ever to live.The jokingly muttered saying "right leg hospital,left leg cemetery",haunted opponents for years even after his injurys and slight decline his kickboxing remained sharpe and deadly.Winning the Rizin OW GP was an excellent testament to his competitive nature and skill.At his peak he was part of the holy HW trinity in Pride and will remain a king of highlight reels and a true legend....also my #7 Greatest Heavyweight.

#6)Junior Dos Santos

(Career record)18-5,78% finish rate,12kos/2sub

(Accolades)Black belt Bjj,UFC Heavyweight Champion.

(Notable wins)Fabricio Werdum,Stefan Syruve,Mirko Crocop,Gilbert Yvel,Gabriel Gonzaga,Roy Nelson,Shane Carwin,Frank Mir,Cain Velasquez,Mark Hunt,Stipe Miocic,Ben Rothwell.

Bursting on the scene with a slew of knockouts JDS quickly rose to the top with devastating power punching resembling prime Mike Tyson.Willing to trade in the middle of the cage with anyone makes JDS a fan favorite to watch and his vicious striking makes him a legend and my #6 Greatest Heavyweight.

#5)Cain Velasquez

(Career record)14-2,86% finish rate,12kos

(Accolades)NCAA Division 1 wrestler,Black belt Bjj,2× UFC Heavyweight Champion.

(Notable wins)Jake o'Brian,Cheick Kongo,Ben Rothwell,Big Nog,Brock Lesnar,Bigfoot Silva×2,JDS×2,Travis Browne.

Possesing a dangerous well rounded game Velasquez made a name by knocking guys out and dominating guys with his athletic wrestling.His wins over Big Nog and Lesnar showcased his hand speed,power,and overall game that has made him a feared top Hw and solidified hom as my #5 Greatest Heavyweight.

#4)Stipe Miocic

(Career record)17-2,82% finish rate,13kos/1sub

(Accolades)NCAA Division 1 wrestler,UFC Heavyweight Champion.

(Notable wins)Bobby Brents,Joey Beltran,Shane Del Rosario,Roy Nelson,Gabriel Gonzaga,Fabio Maldonado,Mark Hunt,Andrei Arlovski,JDS,Fabricio Werdum,Alistair Overeem.

Stipe has grinded his way to the top and solidified his spot in history by breaking the UFC Hw title defenses and earned his spot as a fan favorite by putting on great fights with JDS,Overeem,and werdum.He possesses great boxing with a good wrestling base to pose a threat everywhere the fight goes.He is the current UFC champion and my #4 Greatest Heavyweight.

#3)Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera

(Career record)34-10,71% finish rate,3kos/21subs

(Accolades)Black belt Judo,Black belt Bjj,PRIDE Hw Champion,UFC Interim Champion,Rings 2000 King of Kings Tourney winner,2004 Pride Hw gp runner up,2006 Pride OW GP semi finalist.

(Notable wins)Valentijn Overeem×2,Jeremy Horn,Volk Han,Mark Coleman,Gary Goodridge,Heath Herring×3,Bob Sapp,Semmy Schilt,Dan Henderson,Ricco Rodriguez,Mirco Crocop,Sergei Kharitonov,Pawel Nastula,Fabricio Werdum,Josh Barnett,Tim Sylvia,Randy Couture,Brendan Schaub,Dave Herman.

An absolute Legend of the sport Big Nog utilized his technically superior groundgame to make people look silly.He also had a very good boxing game coupled with an iron chin making him a threat in every aspect of the fight.He fought the best Hws in the world in Pride as part of the holy trinity and even in his injury plagued slow decline he earned the Interim UFC title making him the only Hw ever to hold belts in both the two biggest promotions in the history of the sport.His iron will seen him never tap even breaking bone to stay in fights,he is truly an icon and my #3 Greatest Heavyweight.

#2)Fabricio Werdum

(Career record)21-6,77% finish rate,6kos/10sub

(Accolades)Black belt Judo,Black belt Muay thai,2nd degree Black belt Bjj,UFC Heavyweight Champ,Pride 2000 OWGP quarter finalist.

(Notable wins)Gabriel Gonzaga×2,Tom Erikson,Roman Zentsov,Alistair Overeem,Aleksander Emelianenko,Brandon Vera,Mike Kyle,Bigfoot Silva,Fedor Emelianenko,Roy Nelson,Big Nog,Travis Browne×2,Mark Hunt,Cain Velasquez.

Fabricio is a late bloomer as he did well in his early career but really blossomed in his later half as it seen him become the only one to do many things in MMA.He is the only one to defeat both Emelianenko brothers,he's the first to beat both big nog and fedor,and of course the first one ever to beat fedor.He has shown his standup is as deadly as his groundgame with a ko of mark hunt and has solidified himself as a legend in the sport and my #2 Greatest Heavyweight.

#1)Fedor Emelianenko

(Career record)36-4,86% finish rate,11kos/17subs

(Accolades)Master of sport in Sambo,Black belt Judo,Undefeated Pride Hw champion,2004 Pride HW GP champion,Rings OW champion,Rings 2001 Absolute Tourney winner,2001 Rings OW Title Tourney winner,WAMMA HW Champ.

(Notable wins)Ricardo Arona,Kerry Schall,Babalu Sobral,Lee Hasdell,Chris Haseman,Semmy Schilt,Heath Herring.Big nog×2,Kazuyuki Fujita,Gary Goodridge,Mark Coleman×2,Kevin Randleman,Tsuyoshi Kohsaka,Mirco Crocop,Mark Hunt,Matt Lindland,Tim Sylvia,Andei Arlovski,Brett Rogers,Jeff Monsin,Pedro Rizzo,Fabio Maldonado.

The most loved and hated Heavyweight of all time,Fedor ruled PRIDE with an iron fist the likes of which may never be seen again.A ten year undefeated streak helped propel this man into legendary status along with a rounded deadly game seeing him knock out and submit opponents at will.Fedor made a name for not just beating guys but doing so in what was perceived to be his opponents most dangerous area.He mauled Big Nog inside his guard fearlessly and out kickboxed the scariest striker on the planet.He maintained a championship level combat sambo career along with his mma career.People may best know fedor for his knockouts like the one leaving arlovski face down but it was his slick grappling that was IMO his deadliest skill.Fedor has an iron will as is evidenced by his comeback wins over kevin Randleman and most recently fabio maldonado.Fedors unassuming physique and thousand yard stare may be his calling cards but his spot in history as the Greatest Heavyweight is sealed in history forever.

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Runners up/ close to making the list

Mark Coleman

Igor Vovchanchyn

Dan Severn

Kevin Randleman

Josh Barnett

Andrei Arlovski

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Fedor Emelianenko
Brock Lesnar
Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic
Randy Couture
Cain Velasquez
Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera
Fabricio Werdum
Alistair Overeem
Frank Mir
Andrei Arlovski

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Lesnar belongs NOWHERE near this list.

He has 8 overall fights 3 losses and not really a great resume he is not one of the greatest heavyweights.

Arlovski is a very close contender but feel he falls just short of a top 10 list of this were 15 he'd be in.

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Top 10 list is dead on
Same 10 as me

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