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rich or anderson in rematch???

who will win in the rematch?
Forum Opinion Poll
rich franklin 18 23%
anderson silva 59 77%
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rich or anderson in rematch???
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DevonFoxy Avatar

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I definitely see Rich getting out of round 1!!!!!!!

that being said i think when the second round begins 10 seconds go by and Rich gets knocked out. If you can tell me what Rich will do to beat Silva to make him him id like to hear it. I don't see Rich winning the stand up game and when it gets to the ground Rich is in trouble there also. However this year full of upsets im giving him about a 15% chance of winning. I don't know how he would win mebbe a lucky punch but with all the upsets when the champ looks like hes unbeatable he's gonna loose so im giving him a punchers chance.

Post #31   7/12/07 11:51:35PM   

MMA Regular

hardhitta513 Avatar
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franklin. he no's wat he gotta do silva ant unstoppable an rich is a beast look at his record. silva is an awesome striker but if franklin can get it on tha ground he wins tko.

Post #32   7/24/07 6:28:16PM   

Learning to Sprawl

MurillaNinjaScrilla Avatar
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I have alot of respect for Rich but IMO Anderson is a better version of him.

Post #33   7/24/07 10:45:16PM   

Learning to Sprawl

alvin Avatar
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Franklin UD. I know, nuts. Hometown crowd plays a factor. Cincinnati HATES foreigners (west side where Rich is from). Anyone from cincy will agree. I think some crowd favoritism and some good tape work will help Franklin. Silva has never been in that kind of hostile environment. I have no idea whether or not it will be a factor. Also, I’m sure he’s seen every one of Silvas fights 10 times at this point. I agree, I’m biased since I’m a west sider, but after seeing the Lutter (1’st round) fight and his losses in Pride, I know it’s possible to beat Silva. I’ll be ringside. I guess I’ll see first and foremost.

Post #34   7/25/07 12:17:03AM   
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