Fights to make after UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs Nelson

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Great fights this morning, it was nice waking up eating breakfast and just chilling out watching some good stuff, even though there were only like 7 of them haha. Lots of good performances from the guys tonight, can't wait to see most of them back in action again soon.

Roy Nelson - Gabriel Gonzaga or Antonio Silva
I honestly can't remember the last time Roy won and didn't ask for a title shot haha. Awesome KO from him once again, but I kind of had a feeling that was coming from the start of the fight and it was just a matter of time before it landed flush and knocked him out. I guess Roy has saved his job for a little while longer. To me, he's not one of those guys with only one tool and easily beatable. If you stand with him you're going to have to keep a lot of movement or have a solid chin because he's not a guy you can just come in and out wrestle to avoid that. I don't think he'll make it past some of the top guys, probably ever, in the UFC, but it's always nice to see him fight for that chance of a clean KO
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - Retire
Unfortunate loss here, but I really want to see him hang the gloves up this time. He didn't have much to offer here and is really just not going to make it against top 10 or 15 guys anymore, and I can live happily without seeing him get clean KO'd or submitted another time. I love Big Nog and he's had an awesome career but at this point, there's not much else he has to accomplish.

Clay Guida - Poirier/Corrisani winner or Charles Oliveira
Nice win for Clay in one of his more exciting performances lately. He showed off excellent submission defense and that same constant pressure we see time and time again from him. When he landed that huge right hand early I was beyond shocked haha, definitely thought he was gonna get a KO for the first time in a while! Still a huge win over a top guy who hadn't lost at featherweight before. I think Guida is still a top 10 guy and would like to see another solid test in his next outing, lots of fun match ups at 145 for him but I personally would be very interested in Guida/Poirier
Tatsuya Kawajiri - Darren Elkins or Mike Brown
One of the closer 30-27 fights I've seen lately, and Kawajiri was in it til the end. His cardio has to be pretty much his only problem at this point. He showed great defensive wrestling and submission attempts and even took down Guida once or twice. I still think he has some time left in this sport, and I think another top guy would make sense.

Ryan LaFlare - Cote/Noke winner or Stephen Thompson
Showed some more of that grinding style that has won him 4 straight fights now in the UFC. He's a bright prospect for sure, but I'm still not sold that he's ready for a top 15 guy. I wouldn't argue it, but I feel like his style won't work well against a lot of the guys at the top of the division who can match his wrestling. I think with a few more fights he can develop his skills while still challenging worthy opponents.
John Howard - Court McGee or Rick Story
Tough loss here. He surprised me with some good scrambling and nailed LaFlare quite a few times, clearly rocking him. I don't think the fight would have played out too differently without the nut shot, but you never know, and that seemed like a pretty bad one. I'm surprised how much Howard has improved in the last couple years, I'm sure he'll be back stronger in his next fight, hopefully against Rick Story

Ramsey Nijem - Bocek/De La Torre winner or Francisco Trinaldo
Very impressed with Nijem after this one! He looked very improved and once he had him hurt he never let up getting the vicious 1st round stoppage. He's improving his game quite a bit, and wanting to bring the title back to the middle-east is one hell of a challenge for him. I think a good step up would be one of the guys mentioned, but there is definitely no shortage of tough tasks at lightweight.
Beneil Dariush - John Makdessi or Adriano Martins
He wasn't looking too bad up until the finish but it seemed to me like he was little too relaxed and just got caught. A young, previously undefeated guy will only learn from this loss and I'm sure he'll be back better than ever soon, he definitely has the skills and potential.

Jared Rosholt - Ben Rothwell or Matt Mitrione
Pretty boring fight, caught up on some z's I missed from getting up early to watch this haha. But seriously, Jared is a damn good wrestler, and I think he's proved in 2 dominant performances he needs a test against guys who have the ability to stuff a TD. While Rothwell or Mitrione might not be the cream of the crop at HW, they are definitely experienced and dangerous enough to provide the step up in competition Rosholt needs next.
Daniel Omeilanczuk - Shawn Jordan or Lewis/May loser
Not much to say here other than he needs to work on the cardio and TDD. He really didn't show anything in regards to improvement in his game from his debut. I'm thinking he needs a win next time out to keep his job.

Thale Leites - Philippou/Larkin winner or Marquardt/Te Huna winner
Crazy to see Leites get a quick TKO win. Wouldn't have guessed that in a million years. I think after 3 dominant performances against mid-tier competition he's proved he's ready for a top guy. Especially after he comes out and dispatches against a tough guy like Smith so quickly, this was clearly a mismatch and he proved it
Trevor Smith - Cut or Brad Scott
Unfortunately after that quick decisive loss he'll probably see his walking papers or they might keep him for one more since he can be kind of exciting sometimes, lol.

Jim Alers - Ogle/Blanco winner or Sicilia/Choi winner
Nice win, overcame a tough first round to finish with some good wrestling. He's still got a ways to go though, even to fight someone like McGregor. He's pretty exciting so I hope he continues as much later in his UFC career
Alan Omar - Noad Lahat or Sean Soriano
He didn't look too bad, definitely has some potential. His striking was crisp and his grappling wasn't too bad until the later rounds which could have been due to fatigue. I'm sure he'll get another chance after that close fight.

Rani Yahya - Johny Bedford
I'll just do this as one because it's easier. They'll most likely meet again for a rematch since this finish was due to an accidental headbutt. I'm not sure how soon it'll be since Yahya was out cold and could definitely be medically suspended but hopefully it can happen asap Bedford thinking he won was a little hysterical though. Ya you did knock him out but it was due to an illegal strike haha, just be happy it wasn't a DQ (Which I'm not saying it should have been). Both guys are pretty exciting and I think this rematch would make the most sense at this point.

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Really like some of your matchups dude.

Thompson LaFlare sounds a fun match especially if Thompson can keep it on the feet. I think LaFlare/Gastelum could also be a future matchup but I've recently seen Gastelum was scheduled to face Musoke.

If the UFC want to give the fans what they want to see we'll get Nelson/Hunt next, if they want to send Nelson out the UFC they'll give him Barnett, but I could see them giving him Overeem as that'd be a clear cut match one guy needs a cut in there paycheck that'd be a perfect decider for the two of them.

That said Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson would make me a very very happy man.

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Nate Diaz vs Edson Barboza

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Roy Nelson-Mark Hunt
Big Nog-Retire
Clay Guida-Nick Lentz/Manny Gamburyan winner
Tatsuya Kawajiri-Hacran Dias
Ryan LaFlare-Cote/Noke winner
John Howard-Rick Story
Ramsey Nijem-Piotr Hallmann/Yves Edwards winner
Beneil Dariush-Jon Tuck
Jared Rosholt-Ben Rothwell
Daniel Omielanczuk-Anthony Hamilton
Thales Leites-Yoel Romero/Brad Tavares winner
Trevor Smith-Cut or Bubba McDaniel
Jim Alers-Godofredo Castro
Alan Omer-Noad Lahat
Johny Bedford-Rani Yahya

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