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Kennedy: Zahabi made GSP dull, not Greg Jackson

Kennedy: Zahabi made GSP dull, not Greg Jackson
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The UFC Middleweight and Greg Jackson student says his coach isn't the reason Georges St-Pierre has gotten boring. He says it's Firas Zahabi and he's doing it to Rory MacDonald too.


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Completely agree. Zahabi has taken the point fighting schtick to a new level.

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Jackson hasn't helped
Having those two coaches would equal no finishes

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Kennedy doesn't have much room to call anyone else boring.

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GSP is a two time welter weight champion and has nine consecutive title defenses, complaining about anything is ridiculous. He is one of the best UFC fighters of all-time, I feel he is just starting his career and is going to comeback better than ever and more hungry than ever!!! He is awesome and negativity does no good! He will train harder and do better!!! GSP !!!

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