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Heading into 2014.. Whose your favorite fighter?

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Heading into 2014.. Whose your favorite fighter?
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That guy

DoTheMMAth Avatar
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Still a fan of Chuck and Pride-Gomi

Out of active fighters, maybe Gus, Maahk Hunt-o, Weidman. Been enjoying Lawler quite a bit too.

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emfleek Avatar

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Like you, my all-time favorite is (and always will be) Liddell.

Currently, I have a lot of favorites.

Diaz brothers
and whoever is fighting Joe Warren

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Shame Shame Larry!

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Posted by tcunningham

Posted by UFC_Fanatic

Call me a kiss ass, but I'm going to have to go with our very own Tyson Cunningham. Future GOAT!!!

Ha ha, thanks for the support. December 7th is the next one for me.

I'll be there to catch another of your fights. Been planning a trip to CS to likely meet up with the guys from MMAMadhouse, so perfect timing.

New T-shirt in production after the recent Fodor/Conn fight going to decision after you had previously TKO'd Conn. Now that you share a common opponent with Ben Fodor AKA Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones....

"When Phoenix Jones finds a villain he can't finish, he calls Tyson Cunningham"

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

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MMA Sensei

Webbie Avatar
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Always has been and will be GSP for me.

Close second is probably Pettis right now.

Post #19   11/29/13 3:33:59PM   

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“He called me a rapist and a recluse. I'm not a recluse” - Mike Tyson

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Belt Contender

GDPofMPG Avatar
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Cain, I've enjoyed watching his career unfold and seeing him get better with age, even though he was really effective early in his career as well, I was at his first fight. Also, I prefer to root for good humble individuals for the most part, honor and respect are much more admirable traits then what a lot of newly popular wind bag ego maniacs can offer for me.

Shogun and Glover - Shogun is number one since 2005 and always will be. Glover, I used to be a big fan of, got to see several of his early fights live and he was a great show. Been really glad to finally see him compete successfully on the world stage. And again, both of these guys are high character individuals, proud to support them. Hendo and Wand will never not be favorites a well.

MW I guess I'll just say Wand and Hendo.... and Melvin Manheof baby!!!!

WW - I really don;t have many fighters I'm a true fan of here. I like a lot of guys like Lombard, GSP, Marquardt, Condit, Pyle, but I don't call my self their fan like I do others.

LW - Penn, I'm calling him a lightweight. Always been a big fan even though he does at times frustrate me, it's like my version of being a fan of Nick Diaz if that makes sense, but I think BJ is miles above being that low. My other LW favorite is and has been Eddie Alvarez since his Bodog days.

FW - Crazy crazy Pitbull, something about that crazy fucker.

BW - Micheal McDonald, like Cain and Glover, got to watch the early career and that got me very interested in what was coming next. Michael seems cooler then he should be being so young, great head on his shoulders, he's 100x cooler and more mature then his brother.

Fly - Dodson. Positivity to match his brutality, pretty cool to see a guy not scared to rock positivity like that. Ali Baguatinov is an interesting cat also it's begun to sound like.

Star - Somdet, for a smaller guy, he is vicious, got to see him fight once Cali years ago, he was fighting and beating UFC BWs then, now he's got more guys to fight his own size and he's been killing.

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MMA Sensei

Webbie Avatar
Career record: 155-103
Season: 11-12 (#1236)
Bankroll: $1,515 (#946)
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I've gotta add Jacare to my list. I've always liked him, but since joining the UFC he really seems to have stepped it up a notch.

I'm also a pretty big fan of Aldo, Mousasi, and Gilbert Melendez.

Showtime Pettis is definitely my favorite currently on the roster, though.

I forgot Condit. He's easily one of my favorites as well.

Edit: Also, before UFC 168 happens, I want to note that I like Weidman. Whether he wins or loses on Saturday night, dude is a beast.

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