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Dana White: Andre Fili gets a pass for missing weight for UFC 166

Dana White: Andre Fili gets a pass for missing weight for UFC 166
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HOUSTON – Missing weight never is going to go over well with the UFC brass, but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. Such is the case for Team Alpha Male product Andre Fili, who missed weight for UFC 166, but still made an impression with his boss.


Post #1   10/20/13 11:41:03AM   

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What does that even mean? Was Dana planning on cutting him even if he won? He still forfeit 20% and won, what exactly is he getting a pass from?

Post #2   10/20/13 11:56:31AM   

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It means he is still on Uncle Dana's good list and will get a new GI Joe for Christmas.

Post #3   10/20/13 12:06:02PM   

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Fili was doing the UFC a favor by taking the fight with very little notice. Also, the cut he was pushed into making was extreme. AND then he had a great performance.

So yeah. UFC brass are going to let this slide after considering all the factors.


Not a fan of how that site forces you to take a survey just to read an article.

Post #4   10/20/13 2:30:08PM   

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Posted by OnyxShadow

Not a fan of how that site forces you to take a survey just to read an article.

It's getting worse and worse, but I've never actually had to take a survey. I always just click on whatever they give me for an alternative option.

Post #5   10/20/13 2:52:11PM   

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if he lost I'm sure he wouldn't be back for a while

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Post #6   10/20/13 6:20:31PM   

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He took a fight on two weeks notice
And was training for a 170 bout.

Be thankful Dana. The kid looked awesome
Even with the weight cut he had a alpha male gas tank

Post #7   10/21/13 2:08:32AM   

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This isn't news. Dana has always been understanding when a guy misses a cut cause of short notice.

Post #8   10/21/13 2:12:15PM   

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why is this even news?..Dana has no reason to be crying that Fili missed weight..he was training for a WW tourney and only had a week or 2 to get ready for the UFC..both the tourney and UFC debut were on short notice..

Post #9   10/22/13 6:36:00PM   
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